• aire bra
    aire bra

    aire bra

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    Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra has specially been designed and styled for women living a 21st century lifestyle. Bras haven’t changed much for over 50 years, but women and our way of life are dramatically different! No longer just in the kitchen, we are business leaders, astronauts, soldiers, coaches, movers, shakers and magnificent moms. 80% of women today wear the wrong size bra! But now there is something for everyone, no matter what your size or shape. Say goodbye to hooks, clips, straps and padding with the all new Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra! The light as air bra that shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever!Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ is specially styled by the Slim ‘N Lift® designers. Perfect for all shapes, sizes, ages and activities. And Slm ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra is the bra that targets all the trouble areas we women want to fix:

    1: Spilling out of cups that are too small
    2: Bulging under the arms
    3: Embarrassing back fat
    4: Wires that pinch
    5: Straps that fall down
    6: Hooks and clips that dig in
    7: Uncomfortable bra inserts and padding, and
    8: Not enough support. Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra solves all of these problems and more! So you can always lookand feel your very best.

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    Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ is the ultimate bra! What are you waiting for! Get rid of the ordinary and try the extraordinary! Place your order now to get your Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™, you’ll be thankful you did!
    Aire Bra is made of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane, and the luxurious AIRE knit fabric breathes easily and it repels moisture, so you stay cool and feel fresh. Aire Bra’sforever fit technology is woven right into the Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra using special thousand needle Santoni machines


    Note:                   Aire Bra is also known as ahh bra in some countries.
    special Offer:   price of 1 set (3 piece) = 2800 and price of 2 set (6 piece) = 3800


    Size Chart

    Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra SIZE   Bra Size   Blouse Size  
    S   28-32   6-10  
    M   32-36   12-14  
    L   36-38   14-16  
    XL   38-40   16-18  
    XXL   40-42   18-20  
    XXXL   42-44   20-22  
  • Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan
    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

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    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan - Amazing Slimming Formula made with the rare Combination of Natural Herbs & Green Tea

    The original Easy Slim Tea Pakistan is an amazing slimming formula made with the rare combination of natural herbs and green tea. The product is rich with anti oxidants and has a therapeutic value which is very useful for the people who tend to gain weight easily. The product helps in reducing excess body weight, detoxifies body from inside, helps in reducing constipation and curtails gas formation. Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan contains useful vitamins, mineral substances, food fibers and microelements. The continuous usage of the product will help in decreasing the subcutaneous fat, waistline and hipline along with substantial boost in the energy. The product is absolutely safe and has no influence on the body health. The product shows effective results from the very first day. It helps in losing weight and getting rid of obesity. The slimming tea is also for people suffering from heaviness and body pain. Apart from that, it makes you feel light and full of energy.

    Amazing Benefits of Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

    • It reduces body weight and provides great shape
    • It helps in improving waistline and hipline.
    • The slimming tea detoxifies body from inside and reduces the problems of constipation and gas formation.
    • The product also provides relief to the people suffering from heaviness and body pain.
    • It makes you feel light and boost energy levels.
    • Easy slimming tea system is one of the most effective, completely safe and natural scientific formula for speedy weight loss.
    • The slimming tea detoxifies body.
    • Reduces the problems of constipation and gas formation.
    • Provides relief from heaviness and body pain.
    • It makes you feel light and boost energy levels.
    • Easy slimming tea system is one of the most effective, completely safe and natural scientific formula for speedy weight loss.

    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan - How it works?

    Easy slimming tea contains one of the most important herbs called as GARCINIA CAMBOGIA which produces hydroxycitric acid which is very useful for human body. It doesn’t allow lipogenesis process to convert food into the fats. It also burns the stored fats in the body and controls human appetite. The slimming tea detoxifies body from inside and reduces the problems of constipation and gas formation. Easy slimming tea is the scientific formula containing rare herbs that activates the catabolism function of metabolism to its fullest and thus supremely active metabolism balances the body weight by restraining carbohydrates to convert into the fats. Thus, enables you to stay in shape and live fit and energetic long life.

    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan - Ingredients

    It contents Nagarmotha, Triphla, kali mirch, Tagar, Bai bidang and many other ancient rich Chinese herbs.

  • Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan
    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

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    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan - Used by Millions of Men and Women around the World for Deep Nourishing the Hair Roots

    Hair Building fiber Oil  Pakistan are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers in hair are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with our own hair and bond securely. Just shake on the Hair fibers, they stay in all day,all night. Its the secret weapon used by millions of men and women around the world for deep nourishing the hair roots and hair follicles,helping to reduce excessive hair fall and strengthing the hair.



    Hair building fiber are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers in hair are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely.



    This product is rich in cacumen platycladi extract ginseng extract, ginger extract and other nutritional essence for deep nourishing the hair roots and hair follicles,helping to reduce excessive hair fall and strengthing the hair.


    You apply Hair Fiber by simply holding container over your thinning hair areas, and shaking it gently .In seconds thousands of Hair Fiber will interwine your hair.


    Use about 2 ml. for 2 times a day at the areas where there is a hair loss doing gentle light massage with your fingers, to facilitate liquid penetration.


    • This product for external use only do not intake and if it accidently enter the eyes then please rinse with cold water immediately and consult your physician if required. Keep out of reach of children. Store this product in cool and dry place. Stop using the Hair Fiber if allergy occurs
    • Only for external use. Avoid contact with eyes or oral intake.Keep out of reach of children .Store this product cool and dry place. Stop using the Hair Liquid if allergly occurs.

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    Warranty Information

    Customers can claim return, their 70 percent money in case if product is enable to cater as we claim.Furthermore warranty can only be claimed after completion of course period that is 60 days.


    Special offer : Buy 1 Caboki (hair make over powder) in just Rs. 2000 on purchase of 1 packet of Hair building fiber.



    For Quick Info or Order: 

    • Email us at "order@telebrand.com.pk"
    • or Call us at  0333.4115583 
  • Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan
    Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan

    Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan

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    Price: Rs.3,400/- Rs.3,600/-
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    Original & Effective Sandhi Sudha Available in Pakistan

    The miracle of Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil  is available in Pakistan is experienced by millions of people. Unfortunately there are still many people who are suffering with joint pains & for their medication they are dependent on pain killers. Knee pain which is an obstacle to walk and run, & perform the regular work easily, back pain which leads to sleepless nights, neck pain, frozen shoulder & other joint pain which were almost incurable. But with the magic of Sandhi Sudha Plus everyone has overcome it

    What is Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil?

    Sandhi Sudha, is an Ayurvedic product made from Hamaliyan. It contains rare & precious plants extracts which are found in the Himalayas. It has been used for decades by millions of people and has produced magical result. It helps pain of knees, body, back, shoulder pain etc in 10 to 15 days of use. By using this, the joints in the body become stronger and by using it for 10 to 15 days it helps to re build the lost Synovial Fluid between the joints. Sandhi Sudha Plus brings proper and normal movement back in the joints and in all of body.

    How does Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan Relief Joint Pain?

    The oil penetrates in the layers of skin through the outer tissues and reaches to the joints, now the joints that were dry due to lack of fluid gets the fluid and restart blood supply in that part of the joint. Due to increased blood flow, the Synovial Membrane starts to give out the Synovial Fluid which gives the smoothness and the stickiness in the joints. It also regenerates the damaged tissue and treats the injured parts of that area.

    How to use Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil Pakistan? (for external usage only)

    • Take one or two teaspoons (approx. 5 ml) of the oil in a bowl or in your palm.
    • With your fingers tips starts massaging the affected area. Make sure that the pressure is not too much while applying.
    • Keep the motion of the finger in circular direction.
    • Continue for 3-5 minutes.
    • Repeat the application 3-4 times in a day for 15 days
    • When the pain is more severe, you may massage with it for 5-6 times a day.
    • You can use the Sandhi Sudha  for joint Pain Relief Oil two hours before taking shower/bathing, or two hours after it, or even before you sleep at night.

    Sandhi Sudha Ingredients

    The most effective product of the mankind & also the most successful product. It is 25% more effective on your joint pains. By applying Sandhi Sudha Plus & using it regularly for 10-15 days you will feel great relief in your pain because 20 % of the most beneficial herbs penetrates directly into your joints. The oil penetrates to those joints where there was dryness due to lack of Synovial Fluid thus the joints gets the fluid which brings back the proper & normal movement. There are other valuable herbs also which reduces the swelling & stiffness in the joints.

    Additional New Herbs in Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan

    • Akarkara herb provides calcium to the bones thereby strengthening them.
    • Nirgundi herb brings the strength back in weak nerves & muscles.
    • Gawarpatha herb bring backs the smoothness & stickiness in the dry & dead joints

    Sandhi Sudha Mostly Effective On

    • Knee Pain
    • Shoulder Pains
    • Back Pain
    • Cervical Spondilitis
    • Arthritis

    *This oil shows magical results for women with back pain .

    Benefits Using Sandhi Sudha Plus

    Sandhi Sudha  is an advanced product which besides reducing the pain in joints also reduces the swallowing & stiffness in the joints. The joints in your body become stronger and the oil bring back the lost Synovial Fluid between the joints as a result of which the joints start functioning properly. For patients with knee pain, shoulder pains, back pain, cervical spondylitis, and arthritis have felt a magical change.


    For Quick Info or Order: 

    • Call us now: 0333.411 5583
    • Email us at "order@telebrand.com.pk"
  • slim 24 Pro
    slim 24 Pro

    slim 24 Pro

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    Price: Rs.3,800/- Rs.4,000/-
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     is a one-of-a-kind meal replacement formula based on precise daily requirements of a healthy body to sustain organic life. Use of it not just helps losing weight, but it also increases the energy and immunity level of the user. This is made from high-quality Whey protein as the primary constituent to make the whole product safe and coming from a vegetarian source.

    The overall effect of this amazing formula is quick weight loss, healthy and fit body, greater immunity to diseases, and lean attractive muscles in both males as well as females!

    The dietary components of the product are picked meticulously to suit various body types and activity levels, making the product contain all necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, fibers and extremely less fat. This careful selection of ingredients not only provides quick result but does it in a safest manner.

    All above 15 years of age can use 


    To experience the great results of it on excessive body weight. All you need to do is to replace your Dinner with Slim24Pro shake for 24 days only!


    Slim24Pro falls under Food/ Dietary/ Meal/ Nutritional Supplement Category. It is primarily and generally meant to serve the purpose of Weight Loss, Nutrition (which is supposed to be lacking in our regular/routine food intake), Strength Building, Enhanced Energy Levels and Overall Physical Fitness. This is a proprietary formula specifically designed to provide the human body with all the Vital Elements, in the measured right quantities, required to achieve and sustain a life full of strength, vitality and vigor.


    Slim24Pro is a proprietary path-breaking Meal Replacement Formula, ingredients of provide all the VITAL building blocks and nutrients for a slim, strong, healthy and fit body. The major ingredient of Slim24Pro is Whey Protein known to be the safest and most widely accepted form of Amino Acids or Proteins. It also has all the major Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and the requisite Fibers needed to support a healthy body.


    SLIM24PRO acts in three different ways :

    (1)   It provides nutrients and elements required for bodily well-being in the most precise and measured manner. The TWO scoops of Slim24Pro taken with Milk, Curd or Water allows significant satiety to the person consuming it to not further indulge in unhealthy snacking  leading to issues like obesity, uneven muscle-tone, reduced stamina due to excess energy consumption for body to cope up with unnecessary food intake. Regular usage of SLIM24PRO eventually leads to the body shedding excess fat deposits and giving the user desired physical appearance.

    (2)   Slim24Pro contains whey Protein in Crossflow Micro-Ultrafiltered form for good absorption within the body further translating into healthy muscle building or fast muscle injury recovery.

    (3)  There are several other meticulously chosen elements to enhance wellness of human body such as Folate, Iron, Vitamin A, B & C, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Phosphorus etc. essentially required for body to sustain the rigors of daily living..

    Disclaimer :

    Result may vary from person to person.

  • Tonific Hand massager
    Tonific Hand massager

    Tonific Hand massager

    Model:041 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.4,000/- Rs.4,500/-
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    It visibly firms your whole body: stomach, buttocks, hips, legs and arms. It ensures deep penetration of the skin layers, helps reduce body fat and speeds up burning calories without the need to exercise. Tonific Body Massager is perfect for toning and firming your entire body and reduces body fat and gets rid of cellulite and stretch marks effectively.With Tonific you will not only lose weight, but also relax as it’s ideal for a relaxing massage of the neck, arms, and legs. It improves circulation and eliminates muscle fatigue.



    How It Works?

    The secret of the Tonific Body Massager lies in its mechanism that performs more than 2,700 revolutions per minute. Thanks to its tremendous power Tonific reaches deepest layers of the skin helping to effectively eliminate stored fat. Just use the massager for only 10 minutes per day to see amazing results in just a few days.

    This is the only massager on the market with removable, rotating accuballs that can be used in either cold or hot therapy. Its effectiveness is based on the ancient Asian technique of acupuncture.

    For faster results of firm skin you should put the accuballs in the freezer for an hour before the massage. For immediate muscle pain relief, apply the heat treatment using a heated massage oil.

    Special features of Tonific Handy/body massager.

    • Amazing Body Massager with Hot & Cold Therapy capabilities.
    • Interchangeable Rotating Acu-Spheres
    • Deep Muscle Relief
    • Cellulite Buster
    • Spiral Nod
    • Body Massager & Tonifier
    • Power Input : 220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption : 25W
    • Speed : 2700 RPM
    • Model No. EBTON11

    Set Includes:

    The set includes 3 types of accuballs to use for a relaxing massage, anti-cellulite massage or pressure massage for sore, tired and aching muscles.

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