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  • aire bra
    aire bra

    aire bra

    Model:011 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,800/- Rs.3,000/-
    Based on 3 reviews.

    Slim N Lift Aire Bra Pakistan:

    Slim N Lift Aire bra Pakistan is peculiarly designed for females who want to look stylish.  The design of bra is not changed for more than 50 years but the women and the style of living is varying with time.  More than 80% of the women are selecting the incorrect size of bra.  But now there is a special treatment for everyone. Whatever the size and appearance is, the slim N lift Aire bra can give you a unique figure.  Now you will not be having the tension of hooks, buckles, pins and padding.  The ultra light air bra structures, assists and styles the most appropriate figure.  It is specially prepared by the Slim N Lift designers.  Ideal for all shapes and ages.  Aire bra is the bra that covers all the trouble areas that women want to solve. So don’t waste your time, and book your order.


    • The slim N lift Aire bra can solve all these issues.
    • Divulges the cups that are very small.
    • Swellings under the arms.
    • Humiliating back pain.
    • Clips that fall.
    • Uneasy bra inserts.
    • Not sufficient support.
    • The Slim N Lift Aire bra is made from 94 % Nylon and 8% elastic polyurethane and the elegant Aire merged fabric removes the moisture so you feel fresh and comfort.


    Note:                   Aire Bra is also known as ahh bra in some countries.

    special Offer:   price of 1 set (3 piece) = 2800 and price of 2 set (6 piece) = 3800


    Size Chart

    Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra SIZE   Bra Size   Blouse Size  
    S   28-32   6-10  
    M   32-36   12-14  
    L   36-38   14-16  
    XL   38-40   16-18  
    XXL   40-42   18-20  
    XXXL   42-44   20-22  


  • Caboki hair fiber
    Caboki hair fiber

    Caboki hair fiber

    Model:015 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,500/- Rs.3,000/-
    Based on 6 reviews.

    Limited time offer : Buy one Caboki and get second Caboki in just Rs. 1000 only. 


    Caboki pakistan is an advanced product for hair loss treatment.  It consists of the following features.

    • Immediately removes the stark patches and covers the thinning of hair.
    • It gives natural appearance. No one will recognize that you are using Caboki hair fiber on your hair, until you tell them. even if they view a very closely.
    • Also works in rain, wind and storms.
    • Dose not create streak your clothes or hands.
    • Equally effective for both men and women.
    • Does not contain any chemicals, extracted from plants.
    • Binds to hair more safely, does not need any glue to bind with hair.
    • Free from chemicals, animal products and laxatives.
    • When you apply Caboki Hair fiber on your hair, the Fibers instinctively attach to your hairs just like a magnet. Every thin tendril of the hair becomes thicker, removing the humiliating thinner portions.
    • It consists of all natural components.
    • Unlike other products available in the, market, Caboki Hair fiber pakistan is 100% natural.
    • There are no dyes and chemicals no unnatural fillers and no animal products.  The threads in the Caboki are not prepared in the lab, but they are taken from different plants.
    • Even the more delicate hair cannot be affected by the Caboki.
    • A Caboki fiber is extracted from a plant known as Moroccan that is originated in the dry area of Morocco.

    Why we force to use the Caboki?

    • Because the Fiber of this product have the same characteristics as that of a natural human hair.
    • Because it is the only product available on the earth to give the optimum results.
    • The Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum has another advantage.  The Fiber of this plant have negative charge while human hair is positively charged, so scientifically caboki ahir fiber have more sticking ability.
    • Caboki can stick to the hair 200% more than other similar products.
    • It contains natural dyes, so when you apply it to your hair it gives a natural look. 
    • Our opponent use wool fiber in their product.  Wool Fiber is good but have same charge, as that your hair have, so same charge will repell, and leads to weak bounding.

    How Caboki hair fiber works?




    How to use Caboki pakistan?

    • It is very simple to use.
    • To get best results wash and then dry your hair and then make your desire style.
    • Sprinkel caboki hair fiber on your thin hair carefully. Remeber : it will only stick with your hair.
    • Wait for 15 mints to stick firmly, that is it. Note: do not comb after using caboki, use your fingures to make style if required.




    Who is the ideal candidate for caboki ?

    In the last year we have performed a research study among the users of Caboki.  The research comprises of the questions like their satisfaction about the use of Caboki, their age, the level of hair fall, so the research concluded that it is best suitable for men. 




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  • Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan
    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

    Model:023 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.1,800/- Rs.2,000/-
    Based on 1 reviews.
    All nature ingredients used while making of easy slimming tea formula. Easy slimming tea makes a best use of oxidants and therapeutic values for those who become heavier quickly. Internal detoxification or internal purification, weight reduction, helps in reducing stiffness and formation of gas are some of the functions of Easy slimming tea.  Continuous use of this product helps you to look slim and light, reduce waist and hip line and makes you fresh. As this product is made from natural ingredients like mineral substance so it is quite safe and have no side effects. You will sea the result of this product from the very 1st day.
    Benefits of Easy Slimming Tea
    • Give reasonable shape by reducing weight.
    • Reduce hip and waist line.
    • Helps in eliminating stiffness and gas formation process. 
    • Internal detoxification.
    • Enhance your energy and makes you feel lighter.
    • Use of natural ingredients makes this product safe for health.
    How Easy slimming tea works?
    The production of hydroxycitric acid due to the use of herb named as “GARCINIA CAMBOGIA” helps to eliminate process of converting food into excess fat from body. hydroxycitric acid also very helpful in reducing existing fat from body and improves digesting system of human body. The use of natural rare herbs enable the catabolism function of metabolism to its optimum level that helps in reducing extra fat by stopping carbohydrates to convert into fat. 
    Ingredients of Easy slimming tea:
    It contains Nagarmotha, Triphla, kali mirch, Tagar, Bai bidang and many other ancient rich Chinese herbs.
    Note: Results may vary from person to person.
  • Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan
    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

    Model:029 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,950/- Rs.3,000/-
    Based on 14 reviews.

    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan - Used by Millions of Men and Women around the World for Deep Nourishing the Hair Roots

    The hair building fiber oil Pakistan is utilized by millions of people all over the world to provide the utmost nourishment to their hair. The hair building fiber oil is prepared from the fibrous protein, which is an important constituent of the hair.  The fibers of the hair are electrically charged so they make a strong bond with our hairs and as a result the hairs do not fall.  Apply the hair building fiber oil two times a day, and get rid of hair falling. This is the ultimate way to make the hair strong, and millions of people are using this oil with extra ordinary results. 



    The hair building oil contains large amount of acumen extracts, ginseng   extracts, ginger extracts, and other essential minerals which are necessary for the normal growth of roots and follicles of the hair reducing the hair fall and make them strong. 


    Apply 2 ml of hair oil on your fingers, and gently rub on your hair twice a day.  


    • This product is not for intake and only effective for external use. If oral inatake or eye conatct then plz contact with your doctor and keep hair building fiber oil in cool place and keep away from childern approch 

    Warranty Information

    Customers can claim return, their 70 percent money in case if product is enable to cater as we claim.Furthermore warranty can only be claimed after completion of course period that is 60 days.


    Special offer : Buy 1 Caboki (hair make over powder) in just Rs. 2000 on purchase of 1 packet of Hair building fiber.

    Note: result may vary from person to person


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  • Hot belt
    Hot belt

    Hot belt

    Model:872 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,000/- Rs.2,500/-
    Based on 2 reviews.

    Hot belt from the manufacturer of hot shapers uses smart technology named as Neotex. Smart technology means it has ability to adapt according to the circumstances. Hot belt uses a smart fabric that remain in contact with the skin and gear up body temperature. Hot belt is very helpful when you are doing your routine activity and even more helpful when you are doing some physical activities. As this unique fabric has an element of strong flexibility that result in higher compression and more sweating. Hot shapers hot belt internal layer gear up body temperature and sweat while outer layer creates a resistance to interact outer temperature with inner temperature of body and also act as super absorbent so that you remain dry from outside while sweating from inside. Its smart design and flexibility in nature helps to make flatten tummy, firm abdomen and love handles that ultimately leads to a slim look. Hot belt can be used as an under garments throughout the day while you are at work, or in home doing routine activity, studying in school or anywhere on the go.

    Hot belt features:

    • Reduce weight visually instantly.
    • Reduce weight by preserving body heat and stimulating sweating process during exercise.
    • Smart Neotex technology that increase body temperature and make you sweat and keep you dry from outside.
    • Due to its stretch ability it moves with your body.
    • Simple yet trendy, can be used with workout shirts.

    Note : result may vary from person to person.

  • Hot shapers
    Hot shapers

    Hot shapers

    Model:154 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.3,500/- Rs.4,000/-
    Based on 36 reviews.

    Special Offer : Buy 1 Hot shappers Panty and get 1 Hot Shapers belt in just Rs. 1000 only.

    Hot Shapers are very useful for daily wear. It is made with Neotex fabric which is a very unique fabric that increases the internal temperature of the body and makes your body to sweat more and more even when you wear it during your daily routine activities.

    Hot Shapers


    Posted by Hot Shapers on Thursday, 22 January 2015
    How Hot shapers works:

    The Neotex is a unique fabric technology which is used in Hot Shapers to accelerate internal body temperature during your routine work or even when you doing exercise, walking running or any other external activities. Hot Shapers are made up with dual fabric layer formula, the internal layer increases the rate of perspiration as compared to the normal cloths you are wearing and the external layer has the ability to absorb 4 times then its weight. You will not feel any problem while wearing it because it will remain dry from outside, irrespective of internal sweating. You can wear it for whole day to get the required results. This will boost up your metabolism and also helps you to remove more calories.  While you sweat more so it will also remove toxins from your body. Hot Shapers can be wearing anytime and anywhere and it will not disturb your daily routine works because of its flexibility. Neotex Hot Shapers can serve as a relief for the women and men who have heavy abdominal parts. Hot shapers is panty so it is equally effective for thighs and hips.

     Advantages of Hot shapers:

    • It helps you to remain fit, slim your waist and stomach.
    • Accelerates your internal temperature.
    • Enhances your overall well-being.

    Package includes:

     One hot shapers. (Sizes M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

    Washing instructions of Hot shapers:

    • Do not wash with hot water.
    • Do not wash in the washing machine.
    • Use a mellow detergent.
    • Hand wash at 30®C. 
    • Do not roll it when it is dried.
    • Do not use the bleach.
    • Do not press with Iron
    • Do not twist
    • Do not dry clean, line dry.

    Suggestions for Hot shapers Pakistan:

    Make your habit to wear it even if you are doing rest, more you wear, more you get results. 

    Note: Results may vary from person to person. For enhanced results use it with a healthy diet and use of more water. 


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