• aire bra
    aire bra

    aire bra

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    Slim N Lift Aire Bra Pakistan has specially been designed and styled for women living a 21st century lifestyle. Bras haven’t changed much for over 50 years, but women and our way of life are dramatically different! No longer just in the kitchen, we are business leaders, astronauts, soldiers, coaches, movers, shakers and magnificent moms. 80% of women today wear the wrong size bra! But now there is something for everyone, no matter what your size or shape. Say goodbye to hooks, clips, straps and padding with the all new Slim ‘N Lift Aire Bra. The light as air bra that shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever!Slim N Lift Aire is specially styled by the Slim N Lift designers. Perfect for all shapes, sizes, ages and activities. And Slm N Lift Aire Bra is the bra that targets all the trouble areas we women want to fix:

    1: Spilling out of cups that are too small
    2: Bulging under the arms
    3: Embarrassing back fat
    4: Wires that pinch
    5: Straps that fall down
    6: Hooks and clips that dig in
    7: Uncomfortable bra inserts and padding, and
    8: Not enough support. Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra solves all of these problems and more! So you can always lookand feel your very best.

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    Slim N Lift Aire is the ultimate bra! What are you waiting for! Get rid of the ordinary and try the extraordinary! Place your order now to get your Slim N Lift Aire bra, you’ll be thankful you did!
    Aire Bra is made of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane, and the luxurious AIRE knit fabric breathes easily and it repels moisture, so you stay cool and feel fresh. Aire Bra’s forever fit technology is woven right into the Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra using special thousand needle Santoni machines


    Note:                   Aire Bra is also known as ahh bra in some countries.
    special Offer:   price of 1 set (3 piece) = 2800 and price of 2 set (6 piece) = 3800


    Size Chart

    Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra SIZE   Bra Size   Blouse Size  
    S   28-32   6-10  
    M   32-36   12-14  
    L   36-38   14-16  
    XL   38-40   16-18  
    XXL   40-42   18-20  
    XXXL   42-44   20-22  


  • Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan
    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

    Easy Slimming Tea Pakistan

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    Price: Rs.1,800/- Rs.2,000/-
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    All nature ingredients used while making of easy slimming tea formula. Easy slimming tea makes a best use of oxidants and therapeutic values for those who become heavier quickly. Internal detoxification or internal purification, weight reduction, helps in reducing stiffness and formation of gas are some of the functions of Easy slimming tea.  Continuous use of this product helps you to look slim and light, reduce waist and hip line and makes you fresh. As this product is made from natural ingredients like mineral substance so it is quite safe and have no side effects. You will sea the result of this product from the very 1st day.
    Benefits of Easy Slimming Tea
    • Give reasonable shape by reducing weight.
    • Reduce hip and waist line.
    • Helps in eliminating stiffness and gas formation process. 
    • Internal detoxification.
    • Enhance your energy and makes you feel lighter.
    • Use of natural ingredients makes this product safe for health.
    How Easy slimming tea works?
    The production of hydroxycitric acid due to the use of herb named as “GARCINIA CAMBOGIA” helps to eliminate process of converting food into excess fat from body. hydroxycitric acid also very helpful in reducing existing fat from body and improves digesting system of human body. The use of natural rare herbs enable the catabolism function of metabolism to its optimum level that helps in reducing extra fat by stopping carbohydrates to convert into fat. 
    Ingredients of Easy slimming tea:
    It contains Nagarmotha, Triphla, kali mirch, Tagar, Bai bidang and many other ancient rich Chinese herbs.
    Note: Results may vary from person to person.
  • Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan
    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan

    Model:029 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,950/- Rs.3,000/-
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    Hair Building Fiber Oil Pakistan - Used by Millions of Men and Women around the World for Deep Nourishing the Hair Roots

    Hair Building fiber Oil  Pakistan are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers in hair are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with our own hair and bond securely. Just shake on the Hair fibers, they stay in all day,all night. Its the secret weapon used by millions of men and women around the world for deep nourishing the hair roots and hair follicles,helping to reduce excessive hair fall and strengthening the hair.



    This product is rich in cacumen platycladi extract ginseng extract, ginger extract and other nutritional essence for deep nourishing the hair roots and hair follicles,helping to reduce excessive hair fall and strengthing the hair.


    Use about 2 ml. for 2 times a day at the areas where there is a hair loss doing gentle light massage with your fingers, to facilitate liquid penetration.


    • This product for external use only do not intake and if it accidently enter the eyes then please rinse with cold water immediately and consult your physician if required. Keep out of reach of children. Store this product in cool and dry place. Stop using the Hair Fiber if allergy occurs
    • Only for external use. Avoid contact with eyes or oral intake.Keep out of reach of children .Store this product cool and dry place. Stop using the Hair Liquid if allergly occurs.

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    Warranty Information

    Customers can claim return, their 70 percent money in case if product is enable to cater as we claim.Furthermore warranty can only be claimed after completion of course period that is 60 days.


    Special offer : Buy 1 Caboki (hair make over powder) in just Rs. 2000 on purchase of 1 packet of Hair building fiber.

    Note: result may vary from person to person


    For Quick Info or Order: 

    • Email us at "order@telebrand.com.pk"
    • or Call us at  0333.4115583 
  • Tonific Hand massager
    Tonific Hand massager

    Tonific Hand massager

    Model:041 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.4,000/- Rs.4,500/-
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    Tonific hand massager strengthens your whole body including abdomen, bum, legs and arms. It provides deep perforation in the skin layers helps to remove fats and accelerates the burning of calories without doing any exercise. The Tonafic hand massager is ideal for shaping the body and minimizes the fat and gets rid of   persistent subcutaneous fat. It not only helps in reducing weight, but also provides relaxation. It enhances circulation of blood and removes muscular pains.

    How Tonific hand massager works?

    The success of Tonafic hand massager lies in the process that performs 27000 vibrations in one minute. Because of its high power, it can work on the deep layers of the skin and removes the fat.  Use it for 10-15 minutes every day to obtain the required results.  Its success is based on the old Asian technique in which needles were inserted deep in the skin to treat various physical and mental illness.

    It is the only hand massager in the market with moving accubals that can be used for both cold and hot therapy.  To get the optimum results. Put the accubals in the ice for one hour before using the massager.


    Distinctive features of tonific hand massager:

    • Surprising massager with both cold and hot therapy.
    • Changing acuballs.
    • Intense muscle relaxation.
    • Persistent fat remover.
    • Twisted nod.
    • Input: 220 V
    • Power: 20 W.
    • 27000 revolutions per minute.

    Tonific Hand massager pakistan Package includes:

    Three types of acu balls, utilized for slacken massage, persistent fat remover massage and compulsion massage for pain in muscles.



    Model:711 Availability: In Stock
    Price: Rs.2,000/- Rs.2,500/-
    Based on 16 reviews.

    Special Offer : Buy one wax Vac in Rs. 2500 and get another one in just Rs. 1500


    Wax wac cleaner is the secure and virtual method to clean and shrivel your ears.  The wax wac formula is safe and lenient sucking. Simply put the wax wac strip in the ear. Cotton and other absorbing material can damage your ear, but the wax wac is very secure.  Wax vac smoothly removes the dust particles and other dirt from the ear.  Wax vac is soft and consists of an investigating light on the tip and works using a 2 AA battery.

    Wax vac Package includes

    • 1 x Ear Wax Cleaner
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 6 x Silicon tips


    Note: result may vary from person to person


    Special Offer : Buy one wax Vac in Rs. 2500 and get another one in just Rs. 1500

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