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Fiber LPG Gas Cylinder

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Now a days whole world is facing energy crisis, Pakistan is no different then other countries and load shedding is the best technique for government institutions to tackle such type of crisis but for end users load shedding is the biggest problem as end users are unable to perform their daily activities smoothly. Now a day Gas load shedding is very common. So to  fulfill  residential and commercial user needs Telebrands Pakistan brings Fiber LPG Gas cylinder. All international and national standards are considered while fabrication of these fiber Gas cylinders that make it safe and fire proof even if engulfed in fire. Its light weight body make handling and transporting safe and easy so  if you are also one of them who are facing gas load shedding problem then our seamless fiber gas cylinder is one of the best option for you. 

Global LPG composite cylinder is the best alternative of a traditional metal cylinder. Following are some of the features of composite LPG gas cylinders:

  • light weight approximately 5.5kg / 10kg cylinder
  • Non explosive
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • Corrosion proof
  • UV resistant
  • You can even check the gas level with your naked eye (no need of any tool or equipment)
  • Seem less fabrication that make it more safe and leak proof
  • Long life no maintenance required
  • Available in 10 kg capacity
  • Available in 2 attractive colors

Technical specification of LPG Composite Cylinder:

  • LPG filling capacity : 10KG
  • Water capacity : 24 Ltr
  • Propane capacity : 10kg
  • Butane Capacity : 12kg
  • Working pressure: 20 bar
  • Test pressure : 30bar

Safety Precaution: 

  • keep the cylinder in ventilated area. 
  • close the valve and regulator when not in use. 
  • Do not throw or roll cylinder else its outer cover may get damage.
  • Cylinder must be filled with LPG

Note: Every part of cylinder is quality tests approved ensured by qualified engineers. Cylinders are being manufactured according to ISO 11119-3, ISO 9001 and BS- EN 14427 standards, supported by Pakistan Engineering Council.


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