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Privacy Policy

Who We Are?

The Telebrands Pakistan is one of the premier eCommerce online shopping store of Pakistan. The main purpose of this store is to make available the top quality consumer products at least possible prices. The franchise offers different products under different categories as the Fitness, Kitchen Accessories, Smart Watches, Electronics, Tools, Car Care Products, Health and Beauty and so on.

What Personal Data We Collect and Why We Collect it?

As soon as you landed on the official page of Telebrands Pakistan, we automatically collect information related to time zone, internet browser, IP address, device type, etc. During the process, some of the cookies are also installed on your device in order to get the required information. Furthermore, we also keep track of your browsing experience as in what category or product(s) you have shown your interest.

We use certain technologies or methods to collect all the required information about you which are mentioned below:


  1. Cookies:

 In the simplest term, the cookies can easily be described as a set of small files which automatically stored on your device as a PC, laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.


  1. Log Files:

Our website uses different types of log files to track your browsing experience and to collect different information about you as the referring/exit pages, type of Device, ISP provider and so on.


  1. Web Beacons:

 Our website uses certain pixels, tags and Web Beacons to determine your browsing experience on our website.

As soon as you decided to purchase our product, our website collects certain information about you, including your name, desired product name, billing address, Phone Number, Email Address and information related to payment as the Credit Card Details and ATM Card Details.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

The official franchise of the Telebrands Pakistan uses all the personal information collected from you specifically to entertain or furnish the order that you have given on our website (including other details as the billing address, shipping address, payment option and so on. All of this information is collected to proceed to the delivery of your desired product at your door step.

Furthermore, we collect more information about you as your IP address to determine the potential risk of fraud. Moreover, we also use this information to give you the best browsing experience by optimizing our website.

Sharing Your Personal Information:

Our website might share your personal information with the 3rd parties that help us to analyze all the personal information collected from you. We will never ever share or sell your personal information and we collect some more information about you other than the required information as your email address, contact number, address and so on. In order to verify the order, we might contact you at your given email address and contact.


 Our website does not allow uploading of any media file by the user as the audio or video content. All the users can only rate or comment on the desired product.

Contact Forms:

 In order to entertain the query or request of the user, the website of Telebrands Pakistan uses the contact form for this purpose. We do not use the contact form for any type of marketing or promotional activity.


Cookies are small files that automatically stored on your physical drive, so we can access your information remotely. We use the cookies solely to customize or optimize our web services. Please note that we do not use cookies to collect any other personal information from your device, PC or smartphone.

How We Use Certain Cookies:

The sole purpose of using the cookies is to analyze and optimize the website according to the user’s browsing experience. By using the web services of Telebrands Online, you agreed to use and allow the cookies as per stated in our policy.

Our website may also use third party analytics as the Google Analytics. We use these third party analytics to analyze the behavior that how the user interact with the content of our website. If somehow, you do not agree to policy or cookies, then please refrain from using our web services.


Embedded Content from Other Websites:

The website of Telebrands Pakistan may use some embedded video content from different video hosting websites as the YouTube, Dailymotion and so on.



In order to determine the browsing or traffic behavior of users, our website uses the Google Analytic WordPress plugin. Moreover, this plugin also helps us to determine the user’s browsing experience and a user’s interest in a specific product or category.


Who we Share you Data With?

The official franchise of Telebrands Pakistan does not share/disclosed the personal information of the users to any 3rd party website or service by any means.


How Long We Retain your Data?

Our servers may store the different detail of customers as their physical address and contact number in order to furnish the orders of customers. We do not collect the financial or payment details of our customers, including the credit card details. We may use and store the information for a lifetime in order to furnish the request of a user’s order and claim of warranty of our products.


What Rights You Have Over Your Data?

All the users can only modify or access their personal information as the email address, physical address, contact number as the time of their choice.


We We Send Your Data?

We do not lend, share, send or sell the personal detail of our user’s to any type of third party websites or services.


Contact Information:

If you have any suggestions, queries or questions, then you can easily contact us by the following Email address:



How We Protect Your Data?

Our website uses the trusted SSL certificate to encrypt all the information passing through and to from the website. Encryption can simply be described as the process of converting the data to a form or shape that cannot be recognized by any third party trackers or software’s.


What Data Breach Procedure We Have in Place?

In case of any data breach, the World Wide Web of Telebrands Pakistan uses the following steps which are mentioned below:


  1. We have an effective and robust process to analyze the likes risks and outcomes of any data breach and to inform all the concerned users that are getting affected by this data breaching
  2. We know better what type of authority we have to contact in such situations.
  3. We try to inform all the affected user(s) about the like risk and outcomes of that data breaching
  4. We also try to give advice to the user(s) about how can they protect themselves from data breaching
  5. We keep track and record of all the data breaches even if it may or may not be listed in our policy


What Third Parties We Receive Data From?

The official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN does not use or receive any information from any type of third party service or website.


What Automated Decision Making and/or Profiling We Do with User Data?

The website of the Telebrands Pakistan uses the automated generating form in order to entertain or furnish the order of users. All the information we use at the time of generating the order is the customer’s name, contact number, physical address, email address and so on. The automated form does not collect or store the financial details of the customers as credit card details by any other means or so.

Industry Regulatory Disclosure Requirements:

We are not engaged in any type of manufacturing industry. We only engaged in trading activities in which we receive the order of different products from the customers and then we deliver their desired product at their doorstep with minimal possible time.