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If you are looking for a convenient, adjustable walking stick that supports your body weight, provides you an extra source of balance and can be used on ground surfaces of all types, then Telebrands Trusty Cane is the perfect answer to all such problems. The Telebrands Trusty Cane is an adjustable and foldable cane and is especially designed for old age individuals who cannot walk without a support. This is a fact that most individuals only buy a cane when they are facing problems with walking or cannot walk due to weakness.

The best thing about the Telebrands Trusty Cane is that its size can be adjusted according to the height and the requirement of the user. Nobody can deny the fact the overall quality of any walking cane is determined by the quality of handling. The Telebrands Trusty Cane is equipped with a soft and smooth material. The handle of the cane is coated with a good quality grip that allows doesn’t slip even in damp conditions.

For more convenience, the Telebrands Trusty Cane is equipped with three LED lights on the front side of the handle. This LED light really proves its worth; especially in the night time or in the place where there is not sufficient light available. This LED light can also be used as the dedicated searchlight, if needed. The LED lights are powered by three standard AAA batteries. Please note that the 3 batteries are not provided with the package. You just have to press the button to power on the LED’s of the cane.

The Telebrands Trusty Cane specially designed can bear the load of the user. In fact, the stand is designed in a way that it can also be stand on its own on the ground. The Telebrands Trusty Cane can be folded and kept almost anywhere. It can even place under the dressing or the bed. The foldable feature of the Trusty Cane also makes it a perfect supporting product for travelling purposes.

Now, you do not need to wait for someone to help youwith walking, instead the very same purpose can now be fulfilled from the Telebrands Trusty Cane. The Telebrands Trusty Cane can be ordered from the Official Telebrands Pakistan website as the Telebrand.com.pk. This product is backed by 6 months warranty. Buyers have also the option of placing their order by using their mobile or landline phone. You just have to dial the 0333-4115583 to place your order and that’s all.