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Men have been engaged in shaving since the invention of the straight razor. The traditional process of razor shaving has changed considerably from the traditional razor blade to safety razor. Both these methods are although prove to be quite convenient to the user, but these both shaving methods cannot be adopted on the go. If you are looking for a shaving product that can be used on the go, then Telebrands Pakistan has got one such product called the Electrical Shaver. As the name suggests, the Telebrands Electric Car Shaver runs by the electric power and require less effort than the traditional razor.

The Telebrands Electric Car Shaver is basically designed to use in the car. This shaver provides a lot of convenient to those individuals who do not often find enough time for shaving because of their busy schedule. In order to use the shaver, you just have to plug in the cable of the shaver in the car cigarette igniter.

The shaver will start instantly and after that you can use the shaver to remove the unwanted hair. The Telebrands Electric Car Shaver comes with a working light indicator and a cleaning brush. The cleaning brush can be used to clean the remnant of hair on the face and clothes.

The best thing about the Telebrands Electric Car Shaver is that you do not need to worry about the cut on the skin, as this shaver does not harm the delicate skin and gently lifts the unwanted hair on the face. You can even use the Telebrands Electric Car Shaver on the drive to work. The Telebrands Electric Car Shaver is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. You just have to plug in the cable of the Telebrands to make it work.

The handy design of the shaver allows the user to use and hold the shaver for longer duration. Easy gripping ability of the Car Shaver prevents the chances of any slippage during the operation. The Car Shaver is accompanied by the protective cover; the protective cover prevents the shaver from being damaged by dropping.

The damaged blade of the Car Shaver can be replaced by using the Philips screw driver. The Telebrands Electric Car Shave is a perfect shaving kit for all the busy men. The unique and versatile Car Electric Shaver can be ordered and purchased from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan. This product also comes with 6 months warranty.