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Every one of us might have encountered the problem of not finding the proper sitting place at a particular time. You don’t find any place to rest your weary bones. The best invention for such genuine problem is the Telebrands Pocket Chair. The Telebrands Pocket Chair is probably the most flexible and portable chair ever created in the history. The Telebrands Pocket Chair is basically a foldable chair that can be kept in even in a pocket, where it gets its name.  

You can take this chair to almost any time and anywhere without any hassle. The small comfy chair will fulfill all the purposes of a traditional large chair. This foldable chair can transform into a size of the large traditional chair in seconds. This chair can also re-transform into the size of 3 inch chair in minutes. After that you can carry the pocket in your pocket again. In order to close the chair, you just have to unfasten the straps and fold the legs flat. After that you can place it in your pocket.

Now you do not need to remove dust and dirt each time you sit on the ground, the Pocket chair will do the job for you. The Telebrands Pocket Chair is made from the lightweight and durable steel. The sitting cushion is made from the highest quality of polyester. This lightweight yet durable polyester can bear loads up to 250 lbs in total. The chair also features the dual-action counter rotational system. It simply means that the chair is equally for each and every individual, no matter how big his/her size it is.

You can take the Telebrands Pocket Chair to picnics, hiking, trips, cycling, camping, travelling and so on. You can even use the chair in the sun to get your body warm from the chilling winds. This multi-purpose chair can prove to be an eternal blessing for those individuals who are suffering from the joint or back pain. Such individuals cannot remain standing at a place for longer durations because of their joint disorder, so all those individuals can now benefit from the Telebrands Portable Chair.

Apart from pocket, the Telebrands Pocket Chair can be stored in gym bags, golf bags, lunch boxes, briefcases, backpacks, handbags, knapsacks and so on. This multi-purpose chair can easily be ordered only from the official Website of Telebrands Pakistan. You can also dial the number 0333-4115583 for the same purpose.