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In the recent era, a lot of people wear Casual Shirts for about any occasions. The best thing about the Telebrands Casual Shirts is that they are very comfortable, relaxing and can be used on almost any occasion. The casual shirts offered by the Telebrands have a wide range of styles, patterns, sizes and colors.  The best thing is that these shirts can be worn throughout the four seasons of the year. The casual shirts come in different styles as short sleeved, long sleeved or even sleeveless. You can definitely find some type shirt that can be used twelve months a year. All the casual shirts are imported from the Netherland and made from the highest quality materials.

Casual Shirts for Men:

Telebrands Pakistan has offered a huge range of Casual Shirts for Men under one roof. All the Casual Shirts for men are imported from the Holland. The shirts are tailored from the finest quality materials. The Casual Shirts for Men are available in different appealing color, designs and patterns. The casual shirts offered by the Telebrands come in multiple designs as long sleeves, short sleeves, one pocket and single pocket. You can select the desired shirt according to your taste and requirement.

The Men’s Causal Shirts are very lightweight, stylish and comfortable to wear. You can also wear these shirts with suits along with the necktie. If you have slimmer body, then you can also taper the shirts to fit your body. These shirts are mostly used with jeans as it semi formal look and sporty look. The Casual Shirts for men have a special piping effect that not only protects the shirt from being damaged, but it also makes it more attractive.

Casual Shirts for Women:

The fever of the Casual fashion for women is spreading like a viral in present days. It is a fact that women have different definitions and perception for casual fashion. It would not be incorrect to say that the Telebrands Casual Shirts for women are here to stay. All the casual shirts offered official Telebrands Pakistan company well-suits the fast-paced, changing lifestyles of 21st century women. The Casual shirts for Women can be avail in different patterns, colors and looks.

The standard size of the Casual Shirts for Women has long sleeve and one breast pocket. But this is not all; the women shirts can also be found in different variants as two pockets, single pocket, sleeveless, button less and type of collar. All the range of shirts offered by the Telebrands will truly describe the feeling of natural relaxation. The shirts are imported from the Holland, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of clothing and material used in the shirt. All the shirts are designed with piping that also increase the looks of the shirt.

Technical Specification of Men and Ladies Casual Shirts:

Fabric Material: Falalean / Flanell

Color: More than 7 colors

Size: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL

Brand: Wibra

Country of Origin: Netherland

Style of Shirt: Coat Collar

Quality: Export Quality