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Air Mattress for bed sore treatment

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If you are suffering from the Bedsore and not a single product or medication works well to provide you comfort, then there is nothing to worry as Telebrands has got one such top of the line product in its arsenal named as the Air Mattress for Bedsore.

The Air Mattress for Bedsore treatment is another versatile presentation from Telebrands. This is basically an alternating pressure mattress designed for patients suffering from bedsores. This is a unique alternative pressure mattress designed to provide comfort and relief to the patients suffering from Bedsore. The Air Mattress for Bedsore is designed to use over the traditional mattress on which the patient usually sleeps.

Changing pressure of the bubble pads offer a superior therapy system. The mattress consists of over 130, 7cm bubble elements that automatically increases or decreased the pressure of the mattress at regular intervals.

The Air Mattress for Bedsore is very easy to operate. All the users just have to simply lay the mattress over their traditional bedding or mattress and they are good to go.

The mattress comes with the full functional remote control that features the pressure control knob. With the help of this knob, all the customers can easily increase or decrease the pressure with ease.

The mattress features the flow rate of 4-6 liters per minute. The total working cycle of the alternative pressure mattress is up to 6 minutes in total. The flaps of the mattress are crafted from the durable PVC material, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

The Air Mattress for Bedsore treatment is made from the durable material and it can easily withstand the maximum user weight of 130 KG in total. The mattress is anti-bacterial and waterproof. The friction of the outer material prevents the slippage of the mattress during sleeping of a person.

The mattress comes with the 220V power adapter. All you have to do is to just plug in the outlet in the electrical socket to make it work.

All the interested customers can easily purchase this versatile product just by visiting the website of Telebrands Pakistan. Alternatively, all the customers can easily place an order just by dialing the number 0321.4115583.

Method of Usage:

  1. In the very first step; you have to unfold and place the mattress over the traditional bedding
  2. In the next step; you have to make sure that the connection of the mattress is on the foot side
  3. In the next step; you have to connect the air tubes at one end of the pump and with the mattress on the other end. Make sure that the pipes are fitted firmly and correctly.
  4. In the next step; you have to switch on the air mattress by plugging the Power Adapter. After switching on, the mattress will start inflating
  5. Please make sure to keep the pressure knob at the full at the beginning
  6. The mattress will take about 10 minutes in total to completely inflate
  7. After 10 minutes, the bubbles of the mattress start to inflate and deflate at regular intervals

Specifications of the Air Mattress for Bedsore:

  1. Air Mattress for Bedsore treatment.
  2. Helps to provide soothe and comfort to patients with alternative pressure system
  3. Designed to use over traditional bedding
  4. Comes with the full functional remote control
  5. Made from durable PVC material
  6. Can withstand user weight up to 130 Kilograms in total
  7. Waterproof
  8. Anti-Bacterial
  9. Non-Slip material
  10. Comes in beige color
  11. Mattress Dimension 78" x 35"
  12. Cycle Time 6 Minutes
  13. Pressure adjustment knob
  14. Comes with end flaps.

Package Contains:

1 x Air Mattress for Bedsore with Remote Control and pump


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