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Instyler Hair Straightener

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The original Instyler (rotating iron) is an entirely new hair straightening device that aligns wraps and provides extra shine for a long time. The Instyler consists of a circulating intense polishing cylinder with four rows of accurately straight crawls. It’s neither a comb nor a tedious iron; it’s the INSTYLER circulating hot iron. 

How the Instyler works:

It is the most advanced hair straightening device ever manufactured.  When you sprint the Instyler through your hair, the first set of crawls smoothly categorizes and segregates the strands of your hair.  Then circulating intense polishing cylinder softly drift over your hair.  At the end the second pair of crawls sets the finishing touch to your hair by giving shine and silkiness.  The best part of Instyler is its durable design, which prevents your hair from breaking. In fact, the Instyler uses less heat than the conventional hot hair straightening devices available in the market. It can provide the optimum results, because the soft heating in the circulating cylinders varies with the regular motion of cylinders, resulting in extra shiny and silky hair.

How to use Instyler Pakistan:

  • Plug the Instyler Pakistan into an electric outlet and press the power button to start the device.
  • Press one time to get the intense heat. (190 degrees)
  • Press the second time for moderate heat (156 degrees)
  • Press for the third time to get low heat (135 degrees)
  • Press for the fourth time to turn the device off.
  • The LED bar will flash while the device is heating up. When the temperature reaches a certain degree, the flashing stops.
  • Wash the hair properly before using the Instyler.
  • Do not apply any oil or other products to the hair to get the required design from the Instyler.
  • Dry your chair with a towel before starting the process.
  • Make segments of the upper layers of the hair. The segments should be about 5-7 cm wide and does not exceed the wideness of the cylinders.
  • Always use the Instyler before it is fully heated to the required temperature. Start from the last layers and, first cover the back and then front side.
  • Repeat the process until the desired style is formed.  Do not repeat on the same segments for longer period.
  • After you have finished, press the button until the device is turned off.
  • Do not store the device until it is cooled.

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