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Forever Lighter

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If you are a smoker, then you must keep the lighter with you all the time. This lighter could get empty and you have to a new one each month. Now, your problem can be permanently solved by using the Telebrands Forever Lighter. The Forever lighter just looks like an ordinary lighter, but it is quite different in many aspects. This lighter uses the resistance coil technology to ignite the cigarette, despite using the conventional method of using the lighter fluid for this purpose. The best thing about the forever lighter is that this lighter cannot be empty, so it saves your time and money to buy the new one.

Another advantage of the forever lighter is that it produces a windproof flame that doesn’t get affected by the heavy winds. This lighter is a rechargeable lighter and you have to charge it on a regular basis to use it. The lighter is powered by a small lithium battery that helps to ignite the coil of the device without the need of any extra gasoline or fuel. In order to charge the device, you have to connect the lighter to the PC via USB cable. The lighter could takes up to 1 hour for complete charging and will give the backup of about 4-5 hours in total.

The lighter is very compact, small, sleek and portable device and it can be kept in a pocket. You can take and use this device to almost anywhere else. The forever lighter can be a great companion for travel, hiking, camping, bicycling and so on. Now, you do not need to light the matchstick or fluid-based lighter each time you want to smoke. All your smoking and igniting purposes can be fulfilled by the Forever Lighter.  Apart from smoking purposes, this lighter also prove to be very handy for cooking applications and for general use. With the purchase of Telebrand Forever Lighter, you will get the two lighters absolutely free. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity and order your very own Forever lighter today!

How to use the Forever Lighter?

The lighter is very easy to use:

  • In the 1st step, you have to charge the lighter with the USB Cable for at least 1 hour or so
  • In order to use the lighter, you have to slide down the cover of the lighter to expose the igniting coil section of the device
  • Now, you have to get close your cigarette with the igniting section and glow the cigarette.
  • Voila, you’re done

Additional Features of the Forever Lighter:

  • Handy, portable and durable lighter
  • Flame less design
  • Uses no butane or refilling gas for ignition
  • Charge with the USB
  • Saves your precious time and money to replace the lighter
  • Windproof design
  • Can be kept in a pocket

What you will get with the Package?

1 x Black Forever Lighter + 2 Free (Total 3 Lighters)

Note: Buy one forever lighter and get two absolutely free!

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