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Ab Rocket Twister

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The Ab Rocket Twister is not only just an exercise machine. This machine has manufactured after the extensive research and is fully backed by the chiropractors. This machine allows a number stomach muscles exercises, including the upper and lower part. After taking out the stability pin of the machine, you can perform a number of twist exercises for your oblique stomach muscles.

You’ve definitely gone through a similar machine in the gym, which you place your legs in the padded section and lean in backward direction that helps to strengthen muscles. Although, it is a good exercise machine, but have to really press the padded section with your back each time. The basic working of the Ab Rocket Twister machine is same as a normal machine except for one change. The Ab Rocket twister has individual padded sections which you do not need to press each time and it also supports the backbone too.

Does this Machine Really Work?

The Ab Rocket Twister uses twisted motion that helps to lengthen and strengthened the tone of those muscles that are usually flaccid. This up and down resistance of the machine affect the muscles almost twice from normal machine, because the muscles are being pulled and pushed simultaneously, that makes this machine a tough exercise machine. Just keep one thing in mind, you wouldn’t find a variety of ways to tone your muscles other than the Ab Rocket Twister.

Working With Ab Twister:

  • It doubles your effort by providing more resistance in forward ad backward direction
  • The twisting motion helps to strengthen and tightens the side muscles on your stomach
  • It also provides safety from a number of neck and back injuries, a feature that normally lacks in other machines
  • With twenty-minutes of regular exercise with Ab Rocket Twister, you can have your ideal muscles

What Users have to say about the Product?

1)      “I have just got my Ab Rocket Twister 2 days before. I used this machine last night and it really affects my stomach and back muscles. My muscles are really affected after the use of the machine. Fellows, this machine does really works. The bad thing about the machine is that one might not realize that he/she is overdoing it. Just remember, when you get your hands on Ab Rocket Twister then don’t attempt the hard exercises in the start”.

2)      “This is the one of the easiest machine ever developed to work the Abs. I am pretty much satisfied with the results I’ve got with this machine. I have just used the machine for a week and believe me this machine really worth investment.

3)      “This machine provides a lot of comfort and convenience, because of its high-quality padding and seat. As far as the results are concerned, there has been a significant increase in my Abs. This machine provides a lot of resistance in exercise, somehow I’ve managed to increase the resistance to a bit further after regular practice. This machine can be a great alternative for traditional push-up exercise. With the price-tag offered, this machine really proves its worth.”

How to Buy Ab Rocket Twister?

This machine really works on your Abs and stomach, which help to get your desired results in considerably less amount of time. This machine comes with a diet plan and a workout DVD. In order to get the desired results, a decent diet and other exercises are necessary.

How to Assemble the Machine:

The assembling of the machine is quite easy and it doesn’t require any expertise. First place the padded support on the two lowest metal bars. Fix the padded back support by inserting the screws with a standard screwdriver. In the same way, move to the next part of the metal bar and repeat the procedure with all 4 back supports.

Now, insert the bracket into the two metal bars by opening the knobs on the bracket of the head support. Adjust the height of the head support so that it provides you comfort during exercise. After adjusting the height, tighten the screw of the head support so that it does not move from its position.

In the next stage, attach the resistance spring over the metal bolt on each side of the Ab Rocket Twister. Different colorings show the different intensity of the resistance. The black color has the maximum resistance, red offers medium, while blue offers lowest resistance. Adjust the position of spring by inserting the screw and rotating it in a clockwise direction. Just make sure that you have tightened the screw.

If you need extra support, then you can also pull the support bracket from the lower portion of the seat for this purpose.

Finally, Adjust the grip handles to both sides of the seat. Insert the spring pin on each handle and push it into the base to fix it.

How to Store the Ab Rocket Twister:

  1. Open the both screws by rotating them in a counterclockwise direction. Don’t remove the bottom screw top and leave it attached.
  2. Take out the resistance spring and store them at a safer place. Now, change the screw tops.
  3. Now remove the padded back support. Try to keep it flat.
  4. Now push the support bracket back to its place (Underneath the seat)
  5. Finally, Fold down the grip handles by squeezing and holding the spring pin as you turn the handles with the goal that they are folded down.

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