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Terms and Conditions

Company Means: Telebrands Pakistan

Clients Means: Purchaser of products/goods from the company of Telebrands

Goods/Products Means: All the goods or products sold or delivered by the company to the valued customers

Terms and Conditions Means: All  terms and conditions which are applicable on the sale of product/goods of the company.


All these terms and conditions are applicable to each and every product that is listed on the official website of the Telebrands Pakistan (Telebrand.com.Pk). According to these terms and conditions, it is understood that client recognizes that no one, other than company it self, has a right to give warranty of any product other than that is mention in terms and conditions here. Prices of all the products and devices are already listed on the official website of Telebrands so  management of the company will liable to process order at the same quoted price.

Here it is very important to note that we are only responsible to claim warranty of the products that is sold by us, we are not responsible for the sales made by any other supplier who are working under same/similar name of Telebrands pakistan.

Terms and Conditions:  

1) If you received a defective item or product, then you must inform our customer care department within 48 hours or otherwise your complaint would not be entertained.

2) Every single electrical gadget has a warranty period of 06 month from the date of receipt to the client.

3) During the prescribed warranted period, we will try our level best to repair the defective product. However, if the product can’t be repaired, then it will be replaced with a new one. The replacing of product will be subject to the stock availability.

4) The warranty would be considered null and void if the customers try to repair or temper the defective products on their own.

5) If customers do not handle the product according to the instructions or guidelines given by our customer service department, then such customers cannot claim the warranty of the same product.

6) No warranty request would be entertained if the warranty period is over.

7) The warranty is void, if customers deliberately mishandle the product at their end.

8) No cash would be entertained if the item could be repaired or replaced at our end.

9) In order to claim the warranty of the defective product, the product must be delivered to our main distribution center (Lahore).

10) You can return your product to us within 15 days if you are not satisfy with our product. In this case  you will get  70% amount as a refund.

11) If you want to get more information about the terms and conditions, then please contact our dedicated customer care department for this purpose.

12) Click here for any query, suggestion and complain.

13) These terms and conditions are designed and created to minimize conflicts between seller and buyer and can not be challenged in  any court of law.

14) Delivery of all the products will be made through COD (Cash on Delivery) mode.

15) Additional delivery charges ranging from Pk rs. 2oo to 300 will be applicable on all the products that have a price tag less than or equal to Pk rs. 1500, according to the location and size of the product.