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Tyre Puncture Kit

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The Tyre Puncture Kit is another versatile and innovative product presented by the Telebrands Pakistan. This kit is designed to repair the puncture of tubeless tyre in minutes. Its DIY design makes it a perfect companion for the long distant journeys.

The Tyre Puncture Kit comes with the two handles, puncture strips and a one tube of sealant. One handle is used for hole widening and cleaning and the other handle is used for strip insertion. The handle of the kit is made from the durable and non-slip plastic, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

The overall process for using the Tyre Puncture Kit is quite easy and simple. In the first step; you have to find out the sharp metal object responsible for tyre flat. In the next step; you have to widen the hole by using one handle provided with the package. In the next step; you have to inert the tyre strips with the other handles provided with the package. After inserting the strip, you have to put the sealant to permanently seal off the puncture of your tyre.

The Tyre Puncture Kit can easily be used for all the vehicles and bikes with tubeless tyre. If you require more tyre strips, then there is nothing to worry as you can also place an order for extra tyre strips from Telebrands.

If you are interested to purchase the Tyre Puncture Kit, then you just have to visit the website of Telerbands for the very same purpose. Alternatively, you can also place an order just by using your landline or mobile number.

Specifications of the Tyre Puncture Kit:

  1. Top quality Tyre Puncture Kit
  2. Helps to mend the puncture in minutes
  3. Designed to use with tubeless tyre of vehicles and bikes
  4. Comes with the 2 handles, sealant and tyre strips
  5. Extra strips are also available
  6. Easy to use
  7. Made from top quality material

Box Contains:

1 x Tyre Puncture Kit


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