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Epilator 3 in 1

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Epilator 3 in 1 is the versatile device to remove the unwanted hair from the areas of your arms and legs. This machine gently pushes the hair from the root without the hassle of pain without causing any pain. All the hair removes by the Epilator 3 in 1 lasts at least for a month. The best thing about this machine is that the regrowth of the hair would be much finer and slower than the normal. To provide more flexibility and ease-of-operation, user can operate the device at two different speeds. Users can adjust the speed according to their desire.

You can also use this epilator for your delicate areas as the underarms and bikini line as well. For more convenience, this multipurpose device can operate with or without the cord. Now you don’t have to wait to use the device in your home, because the same device can operate at any workplace or living area. In order to use the device without the cord, you just have to charge the epilator to use it. Please note that the complete charging of the device could take up to 40-45 minutes in total.  So you should first charge the device according to the mentioned time and afterwards you can use the device the way you want it.


  • Perfect for bikini line.
  • Ultimate device for removing hair from the legs.
  • Shaver extension can also be used on delicate areas.
  • Double speed action.
  • Works with battery and electricity.
  • Effective for the whole body.

Important characteristics of Epilator 3 in 1:

  1. Molded into a specific shape to make the skin firm.
  2. Jerkin of hair is reduced.
  3. Eliminate the fine hair from the base.
  4. Enduring results with minimum hair regeneration.
  5. Dual mobile surface with 36 pair of pincers which means that the hair is removed with double speed.
  6. Designed for eventual ease and comfort.

What’s included in the Box?

  • 1 x Epilator
  • 1 x Shaving Head + Cap
  • 1 x Appliance Plug + Socket
  • 1 x Main Plug
  • 1 x Main Cord
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

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