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Aire Bra

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The Slim N Lift Aire Bra is a specially designed bra that has totally changed the conventional method of covering the breasts. It is a fact that the there hasn’t notable change brought to the Bra for the last 5 decades and this is also a fact that such ordinary bra leave marks on the delicate part of the chest.  These marks are basically due to the several underwires used in bras. Now the solution of such problems has come in the shape of Slim N Lift Aire Bra. The new Aire Bra has manufactured in a total different way than the traditional bra. The Aire Bra is designed from the forever fit-technology. The fabric made of this technology is made from the special purpose Santoni Machines that has more than thousand needles installed on it.

This bra has no hooks and wires at all. Moreover, this bra doesn’t cause to the delicate skin because it is made from the knitted fabric. This bra is more light-weight, soft, comfortable and body-friendly than the ordinary bra. The fabric of Aire bra is stretchable and can easily adapt according to the breast size right from the day one. It saves the precious time of women to adjust the bra each they try it on. This bra is so comfortable that women can even sleep while wearing it. The Aire Bra comes in one size that fits all. This bra can also repel the sweat, so you stay fresh for all day long. Now get rid of your traditional bra and purchase the new Slim N Lift Aire Bra from Telebrands today!

Additional Features:

  1. Specially designed bra made on Santoni machines
  2. Full coverage cups
  3. Extra large size straps
  4. Seamless
  5. One size fits all

The Slim N Lift Aire bra is made from 94 % Nylon and 8% elastic polyurethane. Moreover, the elegant Aire merged fabric removes the moisture so you feel fresh and comfortable for all the day long.

Note: Aire Bra is also known as ahh bra in some countries.

Special Offer: Price of 1 set (3 pieces) = 2800 and price of 2 sets (6 pieces) = 3800

Size Chart

Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra SIZE   Bra Size   Blouse Size  
S   28-32   6-10  
M   32-36   12-14  
L   36-38   14-16  
XL   38-40   16-18  
XXL   40-42   18-20  
XXXL   42-44   20-22  

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