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Hot Knee Pad

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Hot Shaper’s Magnetic Knee Pad is a versatile product of its kind that can be used to aid the several disorders related to the knee area of the body. This product is designed with state-of-the-art Tourmaline and Magnetic technology that helps to penetrate heat to the affected areas.  The new Knee Pad fully supports Tourmaline Electromagnetic Joint Therapy (TEJT). The multi-purpose knee pad can be used to minimize the 4 big and hidden knee disorders. This knee pad can be used to minimize the problem of Knee Bone Hyperlasia, sprain injury and it can also prove to be effective for sprain, injury movement.

The knee pad can be used to relieve muscle aches, aid in speedy recovery and it can also be used to improve the circulation of the blood. Please note that the overall time-period required to cure all of these above mentioned knee disorder can be vary with one another. In the same way, the total heat intensity would also be different. The use of this product is very simple and easy. You just have to wear this knee pad on your knee and that’s all. The universal design of the product can fit almost all the people.

Additional Features of the Hot Shaper’s Magnetic Pad:

  1. Boost the circulation of blood
  2. Can provide more protection for your knees
  3. Can also prove to be effective of knee surrounding muscles as well
  4. Equally beneficial for sportsmen as well

Product Specifications:

  1. Overall Length: 44 cm
  2. Product Dimension: 44 x 23 (L x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Hot Shaper Magnetic Knee Support

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