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Easy Feet

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The Easy-Feet slipper uses the entirely new, different and versatile way to scrub and wash your feet without the worry of being falling down every time you are taking a shower or using the bathtub. The main key of the Easy-feet are thousands of bristles on the top, bottom and side of the slipper. With the help of these bristles, you can exfoliate, massage or clean your feet without the need to bend down each time. The back part of the slipper consists of the strategically placed pumice stone that helps to remove the dead skin cells on the lower part of your heel. Multiple suction cups are placed on the lower part of the slipper that allows your feet to mount virtually on any surface including the floor, wall and even the sides of the bathtub.

How Easy-Feet Cleaner Works?

The cleaning process of the easy-feet slipper is very simple, easy and doesn't include any technicalities at all. The soap or any other cleaning agent allows entering the top part of the slipper. The cleaning agent or soap, then enters to the inner and bottom part of the foot that helps in effective cleaning. In order to further enhance the cleaning process, you just have to move your feet in and out multiple times to boost the cleaning process. This product also aids in cleaning the toes, which you often find it difficult to do it manually. Apart from the cleaning, the slipper also allows the foot massage. This massage helps to improve the circulation of blood in the feet that aids in better health and shape of your feet.

Main Features:

  1. It clean and massage your feet in the most effective manner.
  2. Up to 1,000 strategically placed bristles that aids in better cleaning of the feet
  3. Pumice stone helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and it also helps to soften your heel
  4. Multiple suction cups that almost hold to any surface
  5. One size that fits all
  6. Available Color: Blue

Special Offer: Buy one and get second one totally free.

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