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Cheek Slimming Belt

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Do you have a chubby cheek that spoils all your personality and makes you look fat? If your answer is yes; then there is nothing to worry, because now you can use a product for this purpose as the Telebrands Cheek Slim Belt. As the name indicates, this is basically a belt that you need to wear on your face. This belt works by toning your muscles that reduces the chubby cheek look of your face.

The Telebrands Cheek Slimming Belt sometimes refers as the facial mask and is made up of special fabric called neoprene fabric and a special element called germanium. This facial mask is made from 5-layer fabric structure. The Telebrands Cheek Slimming Belt can really transform the look of your face in considerably less amount of time.

 Please note that the fatty cheek does not necessarily indicate the obesity of any person. This problem is not specific to only fat people, as the slim people are also affected by this problem. Just like any other part of the body, the face also has muscles and you need to take extra care to tone these facial muscles. That is the place where the worth of Telebrands Cheek Slimming Belt comes into effect, as this belt specifically targets those muscles that needed to be toned.

The Telebrands Cheek Slimming Facial Mask is washable. It means; you can wash the mask just the like other clothes. You can wash this mask with lukewarm water and mild detergent. After that you can dry it like normal clothes to reuse it. Please note that the overall lifespan of the cheek mask will reduce with the excessive washing, so you should not wash this mask frequently.

This Cheek Slimming Facial Mask is marketed in Pakistan under the banner of Telebrands Pakistan. This product is available at the official chapter of Telebrands Pakistan. All you have to do is to log on to WWW.TELEBRAND.COM.PK to place an order for this product. Alternatively, you can also dial the number 0333-4115583 to place your order or to get more information on this product.

How to use the Telebrands Cheek Slimming Belt?

  1. In the very first step; you first have to clean your face thoroughly with soapy water
  2. Now, you have to wear the mask on your face
  3. Try to wear the mask for at least 45-60 minutes and then take off
  4. You are done!

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Cheek Slimming Belt:

  1. Helps to tone the muscles of your face
  2. No need to apply any type of cream or carrier on your face before using the mask
  3. Works in a natural way
  4. Simple and easy to use
  5. Washable
  6. Made from 5-layers special fabric

Box Contains:

1 x Cheek Slimming Belt


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