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VR Glasses

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The Virtual Reality devices are also known as VR devices or computer simulation devices. The device works by replicating the things of the real world and allows the user to interact with these physical things in multi-dimensions. Most of virtual reality devices give display on the computer screen and also on special glasses known as VR glasses.

  1. The device is made from the highest quality ABS plastic material (Polycarbonate and Polysilicone) that is highly-user friendly.
  2. The device features 2 spherical lenses with adjustable nodes, so that the users can adjust the lens according to their vision power.
  3. Suitable for smartphones having screen size ranges from 3.5 to 6 inches. Mobiles that have smaller screens can also use the glasses with little modification.
  4. Flexible belt, so the user can wear it easily and this belt can easily be adjusted on all sizes of heads.
  5. Its unique design decreases the pressure on a user’s eyes while wearing for longer intervals.
  6. Only works on side by side 3D videos.

How to use VR Glasses?

  • Download any VR application (recommended application CMOAR VR CINEMA) from Google play store, side by side 3D movies or side by side 3D games into your phone.
  • Take the try-out label from the glasses, place your phone into the tray and insert the tray into the VR glasses again.
  • Wear the VR glasses, adjust it according to your sight, until you feel comfortable and you are able to see the picture or movie clearer.

What’s inside the BOX?

Virtual reality (VR) 3D glasses

Lens Cloth

Product Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Question 1: Is it too close or harmful for my eyes?

Answer: The lenses we used in the device are asymmetrically biconvex, so images would seem to look closer than they actually are. These lenses are slightly bent in an inward direction to give you longer focal distance. Just keep one thing in mind, excessive use of the VR is harmful for your eyes.  So, you should only wear the glasses as long as you feel comfortable.

Question 2: Whether these glasses are also suitable for 2D movies?

Answer: No, these glasses can only play 3D side by side movies or games.

Question 3: Can I use it with my PC?

Answer: Only advanced models can configure with the PC, as far as this model is concerned, the answer is NO.

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