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Camera Quad Copter

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The Jin Fei Hu quad copter is a versatile and multipurpose device. This quad copter is equipped with a dedicated camera. Users can make good resolution images and videos through the dedicated camera of the quad copter. This quad copter can be controlled by a remote controller. This controller has all the buttons required to fly and operate the quad copter. Apart from its operation, the controller has the dedicated photo button. Users just have to press this button in order to make the videos or images.

The Spy Aircraft can easily be flown up to 492 feet or 150 meters away from you. It means you can operate the spy aircraft and use its all features in the range of 150 meters. This spy quad copter can also spin 360˚. In order to achieve this, you just have to fly the quad copter for at least 3 meters high from the ground and then press the 3D rollover button on the remote controller. This quad copter is very lightweight and weighs only 110gm in total.

Safety Note before the Flight:

  • Please make sure batteries of the quad copter and remote controls are fully charged.
  • Recommended space for operation should be exceed than the 8 x 8 x 5m (LxWxH).
  • Before starting the operation, please ensure that fine-tunes and the left stick of the remote control are at their lowest possible position.

Safety Precautions before the Flight:

  1. This product should not be taken as the ordinary toy; instead it is a sophisticated and high tech gadget which required precise assembly, adjustment and operation in order to avoid any mishap.
  2. The spy aircraft or the quad copter is a very lightweight device, so the chances are there that the quad copter might encounter sometimes shaky or unbalanced flying speed. For this reason, it should operate in a pace away from high transmission lines, high buildings, the crowd and even the bad windy weather. In this way, you can prevent the device, property and people from being damaged.
  3. The device is designed with precise technical and sensitive elements, which might get damaged due to exposure of humidity. So, you should keep the quad copter away from a place that has high humidity level.
  4. As the product is designed from lightweight plastic, metal and electrical circuits; so the product should be kept away from heat or the product might get damaged permanently.

How to Charge the Spy Aircraft / Quad Copter?

You can easily charge the spy aircraft by connecting the quad copter battery with the PC using the USB cable. Please note that the charging time should not exceed than the 30 minutes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Quad Copter Weight: 110gm (Approx.)
  • Quad Copter Battery: 500mA 3.7V
  • Remote Controller Batteries: 4x1.5V “AA” (Not included in the Package)
  • Controller Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Quad Copter Dimensions: 298 x 298 x 65cm (LxWxH)


Question: I’ve followed all the instructions, but my quad copter does not fly in the air. Please help me.

Answer:  You should try the following steps to solve your problem:

  1. Try to charge the helicopter
  2. Push forward the up/down-stick of the remote control.

Question: My quad copter helicopter makes sudden landing during flight. I don’t know what to do.

Answer: It seems that you are drawing back the up/ down stick too quickly. Your problem should be resolved by drawing the same in a slow manner.  

Question: My quad copter remote controller does not work in a proper way. What should I do?

Answer: The following steps might solve your problem:

  1. Switch ON the remote control.
  2. Check the power connection of the remote control.
  3. Try not to fly the quad copter under strong windy conditions, or else it would affect the stability and the control of the device.

Question: My quad copter remote control is not switching on. What’s wrong with it?

Answer: You should try the following steps:

  1. Try to switching ON the remote control.
  2. Try to insert the batteries in the correct polarities. 

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