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Snap n Grip

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The Snap n Grip is an innovative and universal set of wrenches. These two universal wrenches combining the firm hold of a ring wrench with the simple approach of traditional open-end wrench. The main advantage of these universal set of tools is that, users can work on almost every type of nuts and bolts regardless of their size. As, the universal set of tools will adapt the size of the nuts and bolts by themselves. The Snap n Grip is the sole solution of all your problems related to valves, pipes, taps, boilers, wheels, radiators, etc. 

The Snap n Grip is basically set of two universal wrenches. With these multipurpose wrenches, there is no need to get expensive and sets of heavy wrenches. These multipurpose wrenches can be used for all types of nuts and bolts. Apart from tightening and loosening the nut and bolts, these universal wrenches can also be used in a variety of applications as carpentry, plumbing and a wide array of garage and mechanical applications. The Snap n Grip is easy to handle. It’s very lightweight, durable and portable. The patented design of Snap n Grip offers a lot of flexibility to users in handling of multi-tasks simultaneously.


  • With Snap n Grip, there is no need to get the right type of wrench each time for a different type of nuts and bolts. The Snap n Grip is all in one tool.
  • The Snap n Grip is patented and practical system that can be sued for a wide range of applications as plumbing, carpentry, etc.
  • You can instantly solve a number of problems related to valves, pipes, taps, boilers, radiators, etc
  • The instant solution to all your problems

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Snap n Grip (2 universal Wrenches)
  • 1 x Tool Bag

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