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EZ Flat Hose

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The EZ flat hose Tool is a unique, handy device designed especially for washing the cars. The EZ flat hose has a hefty 40 ft long water pipe. This Car Washing Tool is a very compact device that could prove to be very effective especially for those places where there is not enough space for storage purposes. The device is very compact and small in size, but when the users open the tool then it can expand to a reasonable distance of 15 meters. This space is in fact more than enough to wash multiple cars simultaneously.

For more flexibility and ease of operation, users can control the pressure of the car washing tool by the trigger control dial of the device. Apart from controlling the water pressure, the trigger control dial can spray the water up to seven different ways. This provides a lot of flexibility in washing the car from several angles.

The Car Washing Tool is made from the reliable, durable and high-end materials. For storage purposes, the washer can be folded manually when not in use. The car washing tool comes with a fixed stand and a fixed handling that also provides a lot of convenience in a smooth car washing.

How to use the EZ flat hose Car Washer?

The working of the car washer is not very difficult:

  • Just open the car washer tool to its complete length
  • Now, attach the hose with the water tap
  • Open the tap water to start the cleaning
  • You can also change the way of water spraying by using the trigger control dial of the device
  • After cleaning the car, fold the hose to make it compact
  • You’re done!

Additional Features of the EZ flat hose Car Washer:

  • Smart and handy design
  • Can be opened up to 15 meters
  • Comes with fixed stand and fixed handling
  • Made from highly reliable and durable materials
  • Can spray the water in different ways

The Package of Car Washer Tool Includes:

  • 1 x 50 ft flat hose
  • 1 x Handle shower with 7 dials
  • 1 x Wall mounted hose stand
  • 1 x Extension Cable (Connects the stand with the Tap)

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