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Pest Repelling Aid

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If you want to get rid of unwanted guests as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches and rats, then you can use a device in this regard as the Pest repelling aid. The revolutionary Pest Repelling Aid is not just an ordinary pest repelling device; it’s a complete pest repelling treatment that controls all pests in minutes. The Telebrands Pest repelling aid actually works by turning the electrical wiring of any house or office into visible pest repelling aid. The secret of pest repelling aid lies in its patented microprocessor that uses certain electromagnetic radiations to create an irritating environment for pests.

The best thing about the Pest repelling aid is that it does not actually kill the pests, so you do not need to clean the mess each time after using the repelling aid. The Telebrands Pest repelling aid helps to get rid of unwanted pests effectively and quickly. The working of the device is very easy; you just have to plug in the device to make it work. If you have average size room, then one unit is enough for you. The Pest repelling aid also features a built-in LED indicator.

Now you do not need to spend thousands of rupees on the purchasing of hazardous low-standard chemicals and exterminators. Another good thing about this unit is that it is equally safe for children and pets. The pest repelling aid can easily be purchased from the Telebrands Pakistan by placing an order on the Telebrands Pakistan official website or by simply dialing the 0333-4115583.

How to operate the Telebrands Pest Repelling Aid?

You can operate this unit by the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. The working of the pest repelling aid is very simple. You just have to plug the unit into an electrical outlet.
  2. The unit starts working by altering the normal field around your home of office electrical wiring that helps to repel the pests.
  3. The Green light of the unit indicates that the Telebrands Repelling Aid is ON; the green light should remain ON all the time during the working of the device.
  4. The blue light indicates the activation and de-activation of the night light mode.
  5. The red light indicates that if the cycle of the pest repelling aid is ON or OFF. The light will blink continuously for three minutes to indicate that the cycle is ON and the light will OFF for the same three minutes to indicate that the cycle has been off.
  6. You are done!

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Pest Repelling Aid:

  1. Pest repellent
  2. Eliminates spiders, rodents, cockroaches and mice in minutes
  3. Non-toxic
  4. Smart and simple design
  5. High quality product
  6. No use of poison and chemicals
  7. Eco-friendly
  8. Patented-repellent technology

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Pest Repelling Aid:

  1. Rated Voltage: 110V – 230V
  2. Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  3. Dimensions: 5.25 x 2 x 7.5 inches ( L x W x H)
  4. Color: White

What you will get with the Package?

1 x Pest Repelling Aid

1 x Instruction Manual

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