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KN95 Mask with Breathable valve

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The recent outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has forced the major global economies to shut down and people stay indoors to further spread the disease. One of the best methods to save from Covid-19 is to adopt sanitization and hygienic methods, including frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizers and use of personal protection equipment or PPE. One of the best methods to control the infection of coronavirus is a KN95 face mask, which is brought to you by the Telebrands Pakistan.

Wearing a KN95 face mask will lessen the chance to contradict the novel Covid-19 virus, whether you are at home or at work. The KN95 face mask is the most recommended type of mask designed to control the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

The KN95 face mask is crafted from the top of the line and non-woven fabric and electrostatic cotton. The KN95 face mask is accompanied by an activated filter and carbon that makes the whole process of breathing much easier and smoother.

The filter used in the KN95 face mask helps to control the passage of harmful and other particles by a robust filtering process. The filter is designed to effectively block the passage of the Covid-19 virus, harmful aerosols, poisonous gas, droplets, smoke, dust and poisonous vapor.

The KN95 face mask is designed to provide effective protection against all kinds of particulate matters, including the spraying rust removal, harmful microns dust particles, harmful fiber powder and other micron-particulate matter.

The overall design and wearing of the KN95 face mask is very comfortable. The texture of the face mask is soft and tightly matched. The KN95 face mask comes in two different colors and grey and white, so all the customers can easily choose their favorite color masks with ease.

All the interested customers can easily purchase the KN95 face mask for their family and love one just by calling the number 0321.4115583.

Specifications of the KN95 Face Mask:

  1. Top of the line Face mask
  2. Made from 98% high quality non-woven fabric
  3. Inner layer helps to prevent harmful particles like corona and many others with filtration rate 95%.
  4. Three dimensional design help to make breathing easy.
  5. Comes with breathable valve
  6. Helps to prevent the passage of the Covid-19 virus and other harmful particles
  7. Smooth texture and design
  8. Wearing is comfortable
  9. 5 Ply Ear loop
  10. Comes in two different colors as White and Grey
  11. Light weight, easy to use and clean

Package Contains:

1 x KN95 Face Mask

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