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Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501

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This is a well-known fact that the well-trimmed lawn is appreciated by all the individuals. In older times, this job was done by the gardener; but with the passage of time this job has been taken by electronic gadgets. Today, the company has brought a unique grass trimming gadget of its kind that you would certainly find helpful in maintaining your lawn. The name of this useful product is called Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501.

The Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501, as the name indicates, is an electronic grass trimmer intended to trim the grass of an area in less amount of time. The secret of the Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501 lies in the 350 watt motor. This motor has an impressive 1100 RPM that makes the whole process of grass trimming just like a piece of cake.

The Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501 features 250mm cutting diameter; it means now you don’t have to spend your day trimming the grass, in fact the very same purpose can now be fulfilled with the help of this versatile trimming machine. The Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501 is powered by a 220 Volt, so you don’t have to worry about high utility bills at all.

The Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501 is a must have grass trimming tool for homes, offices, factories, parks, recreational centers and so on. If you want to place an order of different Tools in PAKISTAN listed on the website, then all you have to do is to call at this number 0333.4115583.

Additional Features of the Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501:

  1. Reliable and durable grass trimmer
  2. Features a powerful 350 watt motor
  3. Features large cutting diameter of 250 mm
  4. Powered by 220V standard electricity
  5. Features detachable handle for easy working

Technical Specifications of the Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501:

  1. Voltage: 220 – 240 Volt
  2. Motor Watt: 350 Watt
  3. Motor RPM: 11000 RPM
  4. Weight of Product: 3 KG
  5. Dimensions of Product: 12.60 x 7 x 9.5 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

Package Contains:

1 x Ingco Grass Trimmer GT3501

1 x Debris Shield


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