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Head Massager

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The head massager is a state of the art massager designed to relax the pain and strain of the head effectively. The specially designed seven air sacs and acupuncture points of the massager promote the movement of different brain cells, helps to minimize the headache and boost the circulation of blood. You can easily wear the head massager like any standard helmet. To start the device, you just have to push the button and that’s all.

The best thing about the head massager is that the size of the massager can be adjusted according to the requirement. For more convenience, users have the option to choose 8 different intensity levels according to their need and requirement. The massager also helps to relieve brain fatigue, headache, work fatigue. The device helps to relax in less amount of time, so you can complete your tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Feature of the Head Massager:

  1. Numerous health benefits
  2. 8 different air sacs
  3. Different acupuncture points help you to relax in a couple of minutes
  4.  Size can be adjusted
  5. 8 different intensity levels
  6. The device is very easy to use
  7. Can be used at home, office or at work
  8. Color: Gray
  9. Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 14cm (Approximately)

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Head/Brain Massager

1 x Power Adapter

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