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No one can deny this fact that nearly all the women want to look different, stylish and beautiful all the time. This is also a fact that the main hurdle in getting the dream look is obesity. If you are fat, then you cannot use your favorite clothes. Moreover, Obesity can lead to a number of problems that can be difficult to get rid of. If you are also experiencing such scenario, then there is nothing to lose heart completely, because Telebrands Pakistan will not abandon you alone. Telebrands has brought a new product that will definitely trim your waist line and tummy line. The name of the product is the Telebrands Trendy Top.

The Telebrands Trendy Top is basically a set of two Trendy Top Tees that you have to wear your waistline area. This wearable product is designed to totally cover your midsection, so you don’t have to worry about the revealing of your tummy area. You just have to wear this two piece top under your clothes and that’s all. It is basically designed to cover specifically those areas that are exposed by wearing the low rise jeans. This is not all; it also helps the user to keep fit the waist line area and hip area, so it stays in its place when wearing tight clothes.

The Telebrands Trendy Top not only helps to cover your tummy area, but it is very comfortable. It means that you can wear this all day long without any problem. The Trendy Top is crafted from high quality stretchable cotton blend. The fabric is composed of 92% cotton and 8% spandex that don’t overstretch during the use. This fabric can also be washed, if required so. All the users just have to wash the fabric with the mild detergent.

This new product will definitely give your body a whole new look and that’s for sure. You will probably feel strange after wearing this fabric first time, but as you wear the fabric for a couple of times, then you will get used to it. The best about the Telebrands Trendy Top Pakistan is that nobody can easily detect it. This unique Trendy Top in Pakistan can be purchased exclusively from the franchise of Telebrands Pakistan. You just have to dial the number 0333-4115583 and after that you can place your order to our representative.

How to use the Telebrands Pakistan Trendy Top?

This fabric can easily be used by the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to wear the trendy top on your tummy area and waist line properly
  2. Please make sure that all the exposed areas of the body are completely covered by the tops.
  3. After that you can wear the clothes over the tops as you do in the normal way and that’s all.
  4. You are done!

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Trendy Top Pakistan:

  1. Layering Accessory
  2. It completely covers your belly and waist line area
  3. Made from ultra soft and reinforced cotton
  4. No appearance of lumps or bulges
  5. Nearly unnoticeable
  6. Included two pieces as 1 White Trendy Top and 1 Black Trendy Top

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Trendy Top in Pakistan:

  1. Pieces: 2
  2. Color: Black and White (Two Pieces)
  3. Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.8 x 9 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

What you will get?

2 x Trendy Tops (1 Black and 1 White)

Note: Rs.200 delivery charges are applied on this product.

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