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Tolsen Rubber Mallet

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If you are looking for a soft hammer to work on your delicate articles, then the best way to work on your articles without damaging them is the use of good quality rubber mallet. Such a quality product is offered by the official PAKISTAN franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN as the Tolsen Rubber Mallet.

The Tolsen Rubber Mallet, as indicated by its name, is just like an ordinary hammer with the exception that its head is made from the hardened rubberized material rather than the ordinary steel. You can easily use this useful tool to repair all your delicate articles, objects and so on. The Tolsen Rubber Mallet comes in different qualities and weight, so you can easily opt for the one that best suits your need.

Additional Specs of the Tolsen Rubber Mallet:

  1. Quality hammer with rubber head
  2. Handle is made from the fiberglass
  3. Packed in Color label packing

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen Rubber Mallet

Available Sizes and Prices of Tolsen Rubber Mallet:

  1. Tolsen Rubber Mallet 25033 225 GM : Rs. 1250
  2. Tolsen Rubber Mallet 25035 450 GM : Rs. 1350
  3. Tolsen Rubber Mallet 25037 675 GM : Rs. 1500
  4. Tolsen Rubber Mallet 25038 900 GM : Rs. 1650


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