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Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun

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If you deal with stationary or book business, then there is a tool that you need frequently in your business as the Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun. This revolutionary tool is presented by the PAKISTAN's No.1 e-Commerce store, Telebrands PAKISTAN.

The Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun, as well indicated by the name, is a heavy duty staple gun that can be used to take care of any your stapling tasks in considerably less amount of time. The Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun is compatible to use with Rapid 530 staples and Arrow Jt21 Staples. The staple gun can be used with different sizes from 4 mm to 8 mm.

Additional Specs of the Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun:

  1. Heavy duty Staple gun
  2. Features powder coated surface
  3. Compatible with Rapid 530 and Arrow Jt21 staples
  4. Packed in siding card packing

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen 43022 Staple Gun


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