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Spin n Go Mop

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Now ditch the traditional and tiresome method of moping, because now you can use the power of the Magic Mop. Telebrands Spin n go Mop requires much less effort and time than the traditional mop. The power of the cleaning mop lies with its rotatable swivel head that can rotate at an impress 360 degrees. This swivel rotation easily maneuvers around almost all the furniture and household items, so that you can clean almost each and every corner without straining your back.

For more flexibility, the head of the Telebrands spin n go magic mop is manufactured from the microfibers that can quickly absorb or spills dirt as quickly as possible. The biggest advantage of the microfiber is that it cleans the surface of almost any floor without affecting its quality. There are almost 8000 microfibers in the cleaning mop head that creates an electrostatic force when dry. In order to charge the mop, you have to swipe the mop on a dry surface for more than 7-8 times. This electrostatic force causes the dirt particles to instantly attract and hold with the cleaning mop. When wet, the microfibers absorb more than 8 times of moisture than its weight.

The multipurpose Telebrands spin n go Magic mop can be used to clean the multiple floor surfaces as the wooden floors, tiles, laminate, marble flooring and so on. The rotatable head of the mop comes with the stick, so you do not have to manually ringing the mop head with the bare hands. You simply need to dip the rotating mop head in a unique spinning bucket to spin and dry the mop each time. For more ease-of-operation and convenience, the cleaning mop comes with the dedicated soap dispenser that can easily control the quantity of soap required for cleaning. Furthermore, the lightweight and ergonomically designed handle of the cleaning mop adds more simplicity to the overall cleaning process.

The removable cleaning mop head is washable and reusable. You can easily remove all the deposits of dust and dirt just by washing the cleaning mop with a mild detergent. The 360 degrees rotatable new design of the cleaning magic mop can be an ideal choice for bedroom, kitchen, washroom, lobby, automobiles and so on. In order to get the most convenient cleaning position, the handle of the cleaning mop can also be adjusted from 45 degrees to 180 degrees in absolutely no time.

The cleaning bucket of the magic mop comes with a sufficient capacity of 6 liters. It means you do not need to fill the bucket each time after cleaning. Just fill the bucket one time and you are ready to go. The mop works without the need of any additional power and consume very reasonable quantity of water, so it can also save the water and energy utility bills. Moreover, the cleaning mop also has a long operational life and can it work for years. The labor saving design can be your ultimate cleaning mop. So don’t waste more time and place your order for the Telebrands Magic cleaning mop from today!

How to use the Telebrands Magic Mop?

The overall operation of the mop is very easy:

  1. In the first step, you have to connect the two pieces of cleaning rod in the correct manner
  2. In the second step, you have to simply put the microfiber heads on the floor and make sure that all the microfibers are spread out over the cleaning surface
  3. Now, place the cleaning head on the microfiber head and press the cleaning head with your foot until you hear clicking sound. This sound indicates that the cleaning head has been firmly attached to the microfiber head.
  4. For the very time, you should be cleaning the surface with the cleaning head at an angle of 45 degrees, because if you don’t follow this angle than it can affect the cleaning process
  5. You can also get to the 360 degrees swivel at the same angle to clean in and around the surfaces
  6. You can also clean the surface beneath the under table and under couches at an angle of 180 degrees
  7. Swipe the microfiber head over the dry floor surface to produce electrostatic charge in it. This charge will help to attract dust and dirt particles with it
  8. Now fill the bucket with lukewarm water at half level and adds the mild cleaning detergent in it
  9. Now thoroughly mix the water to ensure uniform mixing of the cleaning agent
  10. In the next step, dip the microfiber head into the solution and then place the dipped head into the rotatable swivel
  11. In order to rotate the swivel, you have to place the microfiber head in the rotating assembly
  12. Now, you have to push the connecting rod in the assembly to start the 360˚ rotatable swinging motion
  13. Lift the rod in the backward direction to stop the swinging motion
  14. Now repeat this process until all the loose liquid wipes out from the mop head
  15. Now your magic mop s ready for cleaning, you can wipe the mop on almost any surface you want to clean
  16. You can also press your foot gently over the microfiber mop to wipe out the tough stains over any surface
  17. You can easily detach the cleaning head from the microfiber mop by just slightly placing your foot on the expanded microfibers and push the connecting rod slightly upward.
  18. Now, the connecting rod should be detached from the microfibers mopping head
  19. You are done

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Magic Mop:

  1. High-quality and efficient floor cleaning mop
  2. 360˚ rotatable and washable swivel
  3. Manufactured from the flexible plastic handle
  4. Cleans the surface with the help electrostatic charge
  5. Ergonomically designed handle can clean the surface at 45˚
  6. No shock, no spills and no damage to delicate flooring surface
  7. Microfiber head of cleaning mop can works great dry and wet
  8. Low consumption of energy
  9. Eco-friendly design
  10. Mop made from microfiber, stainless steel and high-grade plastic
  11. Bucket made from high-quality plastic
  12. Smart and fashionable bucket
  13. Bucket has a large capacity of 6 liters
  14. High-speed swivel rotation by pressing the connecting mop rod
  15. Instant cleaning function
  16. Can clean almost all the flooring surfaces
  17. User-friendly design

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Magic Mop:

  1. Angle of Rotation: 360˚
  2. Environment and Eco-friendly design
  3. Connecting Rod Length: 46.4 Inches
  4. Connecting Rod Diameter: 0.8 Inches
  5. Dimensions of the Dehydrate Bucket: 17.7 x 9.6 x 8.7 Inches
  6. Cleaning Mop Head Material: High-quality microfiber material
  7. Connecting Pole Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  8. Dehydrate Bucket Material: High-Grade Plastic
  9. Color Available: Contrast of Blue and White (Color of the same product)
  10. Works without any energy

What you will get with the Telebrands Magic Mop?

You will get the following items with the magic mop:

1 x Stainless Steel Connecting Pipe (2 Pieces)

1 x Dehydrate Swivel rotating head

1 x Large Bucket

1 x Microfiber Cleaning Mop Head

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