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Speed Out Screw Extractor

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Every one of us can encounter the problem of stripped or broken head screws that stuck in a concrete or wooded structure. This situation can really frustrate the individuals, because individuals cannot find a suitable tool to deal with this situation. If you are also experiencing such problems, then you have come to the right place. Telebrands has brought you a new, unique and versatile product of its kind that can solve all the problems of stripped and broken screws. You can even use the tools on broken head screws and bolts.

Telebrands Speed Out is basically a set of four different tools that fits to any size screw and bolts. You can easily remove any stripped bolt or screw with the help of these screws. You can use the tools to work on several types of nut and bolt as Flat, Hex, Painted, Philips and so on. The Speed Out screws can loosen or remove any stripped bolt in less than 10 seconds. So you wouldn’t have to wait for hours to remove the stuck nut and bolt. The overall working on the speed out is very simple and even the teenage users can use it without any difficulty.

The best thing about the speed out is that it can work with any drill. You just have to mount the tool on the drill machine to make it work and that’s all. It is made from durable hardened steel, so you can use the tools on almost any type of rugged nut and bolt. You can even make this tool work on four-inch long uneven, stubborn, rough and jagged screws too.

Now you wouldn’t have to frustrate again by a stuck or stripped bolt again. The Speed Out four tool set can be an ideal, instant and ultimate handy accessory for gardeners, carpenters, boat owners, mechanical workers and DIY enthusiasts. Do not waste a minute more and place your order for Telebrands Speed Out now!

How to Operate the Telebrands Speed Out?

You can operate the versatile tool by the following steps:

  1. You first have to insert the use the twist drill bit section of the tool on the stripped screw, so insert the tool in the drill machine by facing the twist drill bit section out
  2. In the next step, you have to start the drill machine and insert the twist drill bit section in the stripped screw or bolt
  3. The twist drill bit will penetrate the grooves of the screws and it also remove any rough edges on the bolt
  4. In the next step, you have to flip out the tool and mount the tool in the drilling machine by facing out the unibit drill bit section
  5. Now start the drill machine and insert the unibit drill bit section into the stripped nut
  6. The stripped bolt and nut will begin to come out in seconds
  7. Keep the drill machine on till the bolt gets out completely from the concrete, plastic or wooden structure

Additional Specifications of Telebrands Speed Out:

  1. It removes almost any type of the stripped screw in just 10 seconds
  2. Designed to work with almost any type of bolt and screw as Philips, painted, flex, hex, etc.
  3. Manufactured from durable hardened steel
  4. Comes with 4 different types of tools
  5. It can even extract 4 inch long screws
  6. Fits almost nut and bolts of any size
  7. Quick and simple working
  8. DIY design
  9. Small, lightweight and portable
  10. Works with any drill
  11. No more hassle and frustration

Technical Specification of the Telebrands Speed Out:

Material of Tool: Hardened Steel

Shank Style: Square

Weight: 85 Grams

Dimensions of Product: 3.5 x 0.6 x 2.4 Inches

Dimensions of Assembled Product: 4.72 x 1.87 x 7.87 Inches

Color: Silver

What is in the Box?

4 x Speed Out Extractor Tools

1 x Instruction Manual

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