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Laptop Wooden Table

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Due to the sudden boom in the era of science and technology, a majority of individuals often uses their laptop for long hours for watching movies, browsing, chatting, reading e-books and so on. Such individuals often experience chronic with their back as the muscle pain, joint pain, neck pain and other joint pain. The main reason of these types of problems is the improper posture during using the laptop. Thanks to the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN which has offered a new product of its kind as the Wooden Laptop Table.

The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table, as you might have guessed from the name, is basically an ergonomically designed table designed to place laptop and is suitable for long hour’s usage. This laptop table is made from the highest quality wood for durability purpose. This laptop table helps to correct the body posture of the user while using the laptop.

The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table features 2 dedicated USB fans that can be used to dissipate the heat emit from the laptop during great workload. Both of these fans are USB powered; means all you have to do is to plug in the ports of the fans in your laptop USB port and that’s all. Now, when your laptop got heated up, then both the fans will automatically start to rotate and the temperature of the laptop will begin to cool down considerably in less amount of time.

The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table has a wide area for placing the laptop and the mouse; means you do not need to search for additional place to place and use a mouse with the laptop. Additionally, the tray of the laptop table can also be tilted at a required angle. The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table also features the dedicated drawer to keep other things.

The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table can easily withstand 50-60 kg weight on its top. When you have finished work with your laptop, then you can easily fold the wooden laptop table to place it at a secure place to use it further. This feature really proves its worth especially in those homes where there is not enough room to place large and bulky items inside.

The Telebrands Wooden Laptop Table could be the best option to use by students, office executives, accountants, bank employees and so on. This versatile laptop table can be ordered just by dialing the number 0333-4115583 from your landline phone or mobile number.

Additional Features of the Telebrands Laptop Wooden Table:

  1. Versatile table for placing laptop
  2. Equipped with 2 USB fans for heat dissipation purposes
  3. Features extra space for mouse
  4. Comes with a dedicated slide-in drawer to keep multiple things
  5. Stylish
  6. Lightweight
  7. Portable

Technical Specs of the Telebrands Laptop Wooden Table:

  1. Dimensions: 18.90 x 12 Inches
  2. Weight: 2 Kilograms (approx.)

Package Contains:

1 x Laptop Wooden Table


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