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Non Contact IR thermometer

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The importance and significance of the infrared thermometer has emerged ever than before during the recent outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The infrared thermometers are in great demand across the world, because the formidable role they’ve offered to contain the spread of deadly virus, such as a Covid-19 pandemic. Such infrared thermometers are powered by the laser pointer that helps to detect the temperature of people without the need to actually contact the thermometer with the skin of the individual. One of the such top quality infrared thermometer is brought to you by the Telebrands Pakistan.

The infrared thermometer BLIR-3 is ideal to detect living body temperature to find the presence of Covid-19 pandemic. The Infrared Thermometer BLIR-3 helps to measure reliable and accurate temperature even under ambient and complicated surroundings.

The infrared Thermometer BLIR-3 is basically a non-contact thermometer designed to accurately measure the temperature of the body from a considerable distance of 1-5 cm. The thermometer features built-in laser pointer that helps to measure the temperature of individuals at the blazingly fast speed of just one second.

The thermometer comes with the option of the beeper to high temperature; means the thermometer will automatically beep alarm, if it detects high temperature in individual. The default alarm threshold value is 38° or 100.4°F.

The infrared thermometer comes with the large backlit LCD display that allows the user to easily use the thermometer in low extreme light or dark conditions with ease. The infrared thermometer stores the reading of last 32 measurements; means user can easily recall any reading from the last 32 readings measured by the thermometer.

The Infrared Thermometer BLIR-3 features auto-shut off function. The infrared thermometer is ideally designed for large shopping malls and markets, where screening of large numbers of individual is necessary to control the further spread of novel coronavirus. All the interested customers can easily place an order of this product just by visiting the website of telebrand.com.pk.

Specifications of the Infrared Thermometer BLIR-3:

  1. Top quality non-contact infrared thermometer
  2. Comes with built-in laser pointer
  3. Helps to accurately and reliably measure the body temperature of individuals
  4. Fast reading operation in just one second per reading
  5. Memorization of the last 32 recorded measurements
  6. Allows user to set alarm threshold for high temperature
  7. Able to work under complicated surrounding
  8. Features Auto-shut down operation
  9. Comes with Backlit Display
  10. Can record readings from 1-5 cm in total
  11. Comes with the option of Fahrenheit or Celsius reading

Box Contains:

1 x Infrared Thermometer BLIR-3

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