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Garden Swinging Chair

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There can be nothing better than relaxing in the garden swinging chair placed right in the middle of the your home’s garden. You can enjoy the nature at its fullest no matter whether you are at home, office or any other living place. The Telebrands Garden Swing Chair is indeed a must to have furniture for all those individuals out there who loves to enjoy the garden with sights to behold. The Telebrands Garden Chair is a multi-purpose chair that fits into any garden regardless of the humidity and outdoor conditions.

The Telebrands Garden Swinging Chair is coated with the all time weather-resistant coating that doesn’t affect with extreme cold and hot conditions. The canopy of the Telebrands Swinging Chair is weatherproof and crafted from the finest quality material that lasts for years. For more flexibility and ease of operation, the canopy can also be washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent. The Garden Swinging Chair can be placed in the garden without the need to cover it from harsh weather conditions.

Usually, the swinging chairs made from the metal are preferred by individuals for their durability and strength. The Telebrands Garden Swinging Chair is made from the finest quality material that doesn’t corrode or damage with the passage of time because of its weather-resistant coating. The Garden Swinging Chair of the Telebrands Pakistan can easily bear loads up to massive 210 Kilograms in total. It means that it can easily accommodate 3 persons at a time having weight up to 70 KG’s each.

All the users can easily adjust the angle of the canopy according to their requirement. This feature provides too much convenience when individuals want to protect themselves from a thunderstorm or from the scorching heat of the sun. One of the biggest features of the Garden Swinging Chair is that it can be folded and unfolded for use. This provides a lot of flexibility for easy storage the swinging chair.

This is a fact that the age of the child plays a huge role in the swing right from the first day of their birth. This is the reason that every kid is naturally fascinated towards the swinging chair. Buying Garden Swinging Chair is highly recommended, especially for young children. The Telebrands Garden Swinging Chair is more than 100% safe for kids and young age children. The Chair holds the kids securely in one place and the chances of any droppings are very minimal. If you have kids, then you should seriously consider purchasing the Garden Swinging Chair in your home’s lawn area.

The Telebrands Garden Swinging Chair offers a lot of comfort to you and your family and friends, but it also provides a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the blessings of nature. The multi-purpose Garden Swinging Chair can be ordered from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan. You can also call to our customer service department for this purpose at 0333-4115583.

How to Assemble the Garden Swinging Chair?

Please refer to the following image for assembling the Garden Swinging Chair:

Additional Features of the Garden Swinging Chair:

  1. 100% Brand new and made from the finest quality materials
  2. Offers exceptionally stunning comfort to outdoor lounging
  3. Fully padded backrest and seat
  4. Made from heavy duty steel frame structure
  5. Weather-resistant and ultraviolet rays protected powder coating
  6. Seats and the canopy are made from the highest quality polyester
  7. Durable steel frame can support up to 463 pounds in total
  8. Canopy can be locked in a position
  9. Heavy duty spring ensures a gentle and smooth rocking motion

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Garden Swinging Chair:

  • Material of Frame Structure: Steel with powdered coating
  • Material of Seat, Back Rest and Canopy: 100% Polyester top cover
  • Steel Pipe Diameter: 1.49/1.10/0.98/0.63/0.55/ Inches
  • Dimensions of Garden Swinging Chair: 59.44 x 68.50 x 4.49 (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions of Seat: 53.15 x 30.70 x 20.47 Inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 22 Kilogram
  • Color: Grey (Seat, Back Rest and Canopy)

What is included in the Package?

1 x Garden Swinging Chair (grey)

Note: This product requires assembling. All the assembling tools, including the pipes, canopy, seat, nuts and bolts are provided with the package.

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