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Artificial Christmas Tree

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artificial christmas tree

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As the name suggests, the Artificial Christmas Tree is an artificial tree that resembles like the real Christmas tree. This tree has tri-color lights installed on it as red, green, blue. All of these lights have installed have installed in a way that gives the fascinating and appealing look to the tree especially during evening and night times. All your friends, family and guests will definitely impress by this tree.

The Artificial Christmas tree can easily assemble through pre-strung lights and hinged branches. This tree is designed from heavy-duty and sturdy material and is quite durable. Moreover the tree is designed from the lifelike branches that are molded from the real trees. You can easily place the tree in your home as a decoration item also. The tree is already decorated in a way that ether is no need to decorate the tree with additional decorative items.

Additional Features:

  1. Ready to use
  2. Decorated with 3 different color lights in a professional manner
  3. Heavy-duty and durable design
  4. Designed with extra heavy branches that can withstand large and bulky ornaments
  5. No further need to decorate the tree
  6. height : 6 feet

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