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Doorbell IP Wireless Camera

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The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera, as the name indicates, is a doorbell, but this doorbell comes with a hidden camera that is placed discretely in the device. If any person rings the doorbell, the camera of the Wireless IP Camera can easily take pics and video of the person. It means that the user don’t have to check manually that who is ringing the bell.

 The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera works by the WiFi Internet; means all the users can easily integrate the Doorbell IP Wireless Camera with their local internet router and after that they can easily check or monitor the person view on their smartphones.

The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera can also send and record real-time video and video to the user on the synchronized mobile phones. For more convenience; the Doorbell IP Wireless Camera supports both the Android and iPhones, so customer can easily connect the doorbell camera with their smartphone regardless of the manufacturer.

The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera support resolution up to 720 x 1280 pixels; means all the user can easily take pics and record videos of the person or outside view in HD format. The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera also comes with the 6 Infrared LED’s, which help the user to easily take a clear view of the outside at night time with ease.

The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera features 166˚ wide view angle, so it can easily capture the outside view with great clarity. The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera also comes with the option of SD Card Support through which customers can easily increase the memory of the Doorbell up to 32 Gigabytes in total.

The Doorbell IP Wireless Camera also comes with the waiting for power connection red LED. If any customer wants to purchase the Doorbell IP Wireless Camera, then you just have to dial the number 0321.4115583 from landline or mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Doorbell IP Wireless Camera:

  1. Quality Doorbell IP Wireless Camera
  2. Doorbell features the HD camera
  3. Features 720p resolution
  4. Can take pictures and record videos
  5. Comes with the Two-Way audio system
  6. IR Nightvision mode
  7. Supports both the iOS and Android
  8. Easy to use
  9. Can be powered by 24Volt Adapter (Not Included) and Rechargeable Battery 18650mAh (Not Included)

Box Contains:

1 x Doorbell IP Wireless Camera

1 x Wireless Doorbell Button

1 x Bag of Screws

1 x User Manual


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