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CCTV Camera

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SANTEX comes with a new industrial standard high-resolution waterproof CCTV camera. With this new camera, you can send the real-time video feeds with the help of a coaxial cable. The new product line of SANTEC is comprised of four different cameras: an indoor dome camera and 3 outdoor waterproof cameras and a digital video recorder (DVR).
You can also install the outdoor waterproof cameras to the several indoor applications as well. All of these cameras are fully equipped with the Infrared LEDs. The IR LEDs can capture the video in night time up to the distance of 20 meters. The best thing about the new SANTEC line is that the installation of these cameras is very easy and even the users can do it with minimal technical knowledge. The product line is completed by means of a high-speed dome that is capable of 20x zooming.
The CCTV camera provides the clear and sharp pictures with a dedicated 1.0MP HD camera with 720p resolution. In order to provide the exceptional imaging quality both in day time and night time, all the CCTV cameras operate with the cutting-edge CMOS sensors. 
In order to see and record the real-time video feed, the SANTEC offers its digital recorders. You will get one digital video recorder (DVR) with the package as well. With the help of the DVR, you can manage all the CCTV videos the way you like. You can also record the videos on the hard drive and retrieve them later in case of any need.  With the package you will get the hard drive with 1.0 TB capacity. You can also increase this capacity later on. Now you cannot miss even a blink of a second both in daytime and night time with the new SANTEC CCTV Camera line up. 
Product Features:
  1. High Resolution 1.0 MP CMOS Sensor with 1280 x 720 resolution
  2. Water-proof design
  3. Infrared LEDs
  4. Day and Night Vision and recording
  5. Made from High Quality IP65/ ABS Plastic
Package Contains:
  • 4 x Cameras with Adapters
  • 1 x Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Connecting Cables 

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