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Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots

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Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots is another top quality T-Shirt presented by the official Telebrands franchise. The Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots is basically a top quality T-Shirt designed to use by male of all ages. The Green T-Shirt is printed with orange text which also looks nice.

The Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots comes in several sizes, so all the customers can select the required one easily.


The Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots features crew neck and it is designed for both the female and males of all ages. It is designed to use in summer conditions.


POM POM Description Tolerance S M XL 2XL
A A - Shoulder ± 2% 44 46 51 51
B B - Neck Width ± 2% 18 18 18 20
C D - Chest ± 2% 51 53 57 61
D E - Waist ± 2% 50 52 54 60
E H-  Length ± 2% 74 74 76 76
F K - Sleeve Length ± 2% 22 22 22 29
G L - Under Arm ± 2% 11 11.5 11 15
H N - Sleeve Open ± 2% 18 18 19 19


If you want to purchase this versatile T-Shirt, then you just have to visit the website Telebrand.com.pk.

Specifications of the Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots:

  1. Top quality Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots
  2. Export Leftover
  3. Short Sleeves
  4. International Anwar Carrots Brand
  5. Chinatown
  6. Weight of the T-Shirt is 210 Grams
  7. Printed with appealing color text
  8. Summer wear
  9. Lightweight
  10. Comes in several sizes

Package Contains:

1 x Unisex T-Shirt Green Anwar Carrots


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Note: 5-10% shade variation occur due to different screen settings.


Special Package: 

  1. Buy 1 T-Shirt in Rs.500/=, 2 Shirts in 900/= and 4 Shirts in Rs.1600/=
  2. Delivery Charges from Pakistan Post Office would be Rs.100 and Delivery Time would be 2-4 Working Days.
  3. Delivery Charges from Leopards/TCS would be Rs.250 and Delivery Time would be 1-2 Working Days.
  4. If you want to check the stuff at the time of delivery, then we will Deliver you the product Via our own Delivery person and the Charges would be Rs.350/=. This Facility is available for large cities only.


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