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Slice O Matic

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It is true that slicing can be done through conventional knives, but it takes a lot of time to manually slicing the vegetable and fruits. This is the place where a lot of individuals often lose heart and hope for cooking. Manual slicing also includes the danger of cutting hands and fingers during chopping or cutting session. Now you can use a product that can be regarded as the eternal solution for all of these problems. Telebrands Pakistan has now come up with a unique slicing and dicing gadget as the Slice-O-Matic.

The Telebrands Slice-O-Matic is basically a hand-operated slicer designed to cut the vegetables and fruits in considerable less amount of time. This slicer could be used to perfectly slice the cucumber, carrot and radish in seconds. All you have to do is to put the catch-container on the top of the box and then you have to insert the radish or carrot in the catch-container. Now you have to slightly press the vegetable or fruit that you placed in the container.

The use of the Telebrands Slice-O-Matic is quite simple and easy; you just have to insert the vegetable/fruit in the catch container and after that you just have to glide the handle of the slicer to start slicing. Keep on gliding the handle till all the vegetable vanishes and turned into slices. This Telebrands Slice-O-Matic features the stainless steel blades that rapidly cut the hardest edibles in seconds.

For more convenience, you can easily adjust the slicing thickness of the vegetable and fruits as per your requirement. The Telebrands Slice-O-Matic comes with two cutting accessories as the Wide Julienne cutting tool and narrow julienne cutting tool. The main purpose of these blades is to cut the vegetables in square form that can be used to make French fries and salads. You can easily mount and unmount the blades as per your requirement.

The Telebrands Slice-O-Matic can be a perfect choice for housewives, chefs and all cooking enthusiasts. This useful manual slicer is marketed by the official Telebrands Pakistan franchise. Just log on to the website of Telebrands Pakistan 0333-4115583.

Additional Specs of the Telebrands Slice-O-Matic:

  1. Versatile manual slicing and dicing machine
  2. Comes with a dedicated glide handle for easy slicing
  3. Slicing thickness is adjustable
  4. Comes with a handy-catcher container for safe cutting
  5. Comes with two dedicated julienne blades for different type of cutting

Technical Specs of the Telebrands Slice-O-Matic:

  1. Dimensions: 15 x 35 x 14 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Weight: 600 Grams (approx.)

Package Contains:

1 x Top Cover with Easy Glide Handle

1 x Easy Catch Container

1 x Narrow Julienne Blades

1 x Wide Julienne Blades

1 x Bottom Container


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