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PC and Android Endoscope

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Telebrands Pakistan is a well-known company that is effectively engaged in providing cost effective and quality product to its valued customers. Now, the company has come up with a new product of its kind as the Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope. The basic function of this device is to display the enlarged and clear image on the screen of Android phones or computer’s monitor. This revolutionary device works with most of the android phones and it also fully compatible with windows based computer or laptop.

Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope Pakistan can take clear photos and all the stored data would be stored directly to the attached device as the android phone or laptop. This useful device is equipped with 6 bright LED’s and all these LED’s can generate a lot of light to any dark area. The endoscope comes with an adjustable knob. The main purpose of this knob is to adjust the level of brightness of LED’s. With these six LED’s, you absolutely don’t need any external light source and that’s for sure.

Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope has a resolution of 720p that only supports the computer. This device can support both the video recording and photo shooting, so user can adopt the function which he/she like as per the requirement. It comes with the adequate cable length and you do not need to purchase additional cable separately. You can use the stock cable to use this device to at far flung places.

One of the biggest features of this device is that the Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope features complete waterproof design according to the IP67 standards. It means that the camera and electrical circuits wouldn’t affect by light splashing of moisture and you can easily use the device even in the rainy conditions without any worry. You can even use the camera for several underwater operations as well.

Please note that the device uses the focal distance ranging from 3cm to 8cm, so you will have to consider this distance when using the device. The device has also a magnetic device. The basic purpose of this device is that it can stick with the object for which you want to take a picture. For instance, you want to take a picture of part below the car and this part was made from metal. The magnetic device will stick with the metal part and after that you can get the clear view of that part. It comes with three different accessories as the hook, side audition and magnet.

The Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope is compatible with almost all platforms of windows as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. This unique and multipurpose device can be used for various applications as the Pipeline inspection, Car inspection, Air Conditioner Inspection, underwater inspection, engine inspection and so on. This device could be purchased exclusively from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan. All the interested users just have to call the number 0333-4115583 to place order for any of the listed products.

How to use the Telebrands Android and PC Endoscope Pakistan?

This use of the device is easy and it is explained in the following lines:

  • First of all, you have to download the required android application if you want to use the device with the smartphone or you can also download the windows application if you want to use the device on your laptop or computer. Moreover, you can also scan the Quick Response Code for to download the applications for both platforms respectively
  • In the next step, you have to connect the endoscope either to the PC or with the smartphone by using the USB cable. The cable is supplied with the package and you do not need to purchase it separately
  • In the next step, you have to open the required app in the smartphone or in the windows platform
  • This device will automatically detect and install the software as soon as you plugged in the device in the smartphone or in the windows USB port
  • After the detection has completed, then the screen will display the bunch of options required to operate the different functions of the camera
  • You can also install the different assembly as the hook, magnet or side audition as per your requirement
  • When you are finished, then just plug off the cable and remove any attachments from the lens of the camera.
  • You are done!

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Computer and Android Phone Endoscope:

  • Multipurpose, compact and portable endoscope
  • IP67 level waterproof
  • Android endoscope camera
  • Features 6 Lightening Emitting Diodes (LED’s)
  • Stylish design
  • Can be used for photo shooting and video recording
  • Can be used for various underwater applications
  • Support both the Windows platform and Android

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands PC and Android Endoscope:

  • Camera Outer Head: 7.0 mm or 5.0 mm
  • Total Pixels on Android Smartphone: 300,000 pixels
  • Total Pixels on Computer: 1300,000 pixels
  • Resolution on PC: 640 x 480 (On Computer)
  • Length of Cable: 3.5 meters
  • LED: 6 Bright LED’s
  • Platform supported: Windows and Android
  • Interface: Mini USB port
  • Focal Distance: 3 cm to 8 cm
  • Type of Wire: Soft Wire

What is in the Box?

1 x Android and PC Endoscope

1 x Magnet

1 x Small Hook

1 x Side Audition

1 x Fixed Set

1 x USB Adapter

1 x Instruction Manual


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