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INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501

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The Telebrands INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501 in another quality abrasive tool presented to you by the original franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. The main purpose of this tool is to smooth the rough edges of a wooden material in considerably less amount of time. This useful tool is also known as the buffing machine in some countries.

The Telebrands IINGCO Rotary Sander RS4501 features a strong 450 watt motor that makes the process of buffing just like the fun. This motor rotates at a 4000-13000 RPM; means it can undertake heavy work load in less amount of time. The Telebrands INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501 features an adjustable knob to adjust the speed of the machine during working. You can use the knob to change the RPM of machines as per your convenience.

The secret of the Telebrands INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501 lies in the 360 degrees rotation, so it evenly buffs the rough wooden material from all sides. This tool considered as the ideal for carpenters and enthusiasts. If you want to purchase this unique abrasive tool, then you all you have to do is to call at the number 0333.4115583 and that’s all.

Additional Features of the Telebrands INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501:

  1. Unique buffing machine
  2. Can be used to smooth the rough wooden edges
  3. Features a powerful 450 watt motor
  4. Features variable switch to change the speed of the motor
  5. Runs from 220 volt electricity

Technical Specs of the Telebrands INGCO Rotary Sander RS4501:

  1. Motor Power: 450 Watt
  2. Frequency: 40 Hz
  3. Size of Base Plate: 150 mm
  4. Voltage: 220 Volt
  5. Speed: 4000-13000 RPM

Package Contains:

1 x Rotary Sander Main Module

1 x 150 mm Pad

1 x 150 mm Sand Paper

1 x Set of Carbon Brushes

1 x Dust Box


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