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Ingco Glue Gun GG301

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The Telebrands Ingco Glue Gun GG301 is a revolutionary product presented by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. The main purpose of this glue gun is to bond two items together with the help of melted sticks of Adhesives. This machine works by first heating and then the heat is used to melt the hot melt adhesives required by the items to join together.

The best thing about the Telebrands Ingco Glue Gun GG301 the hot melt adhesives doesn’t have any color and they are totally transparent in color when melt. So, no matter what type of item you are joining with, it will never leave any trace of any joint behind. The speed of the Ingco Glue Gun GG301 is 20-30 gram/min; it means you can undertake several joining tasks at a time.

As far as the glue sticks is concerned; the Telebrands Ingco Glue Gun GG301 uses hot melt adhesive stick with a diameter of 11.2mm max. You do not have to buy this glue stick from the market, as you will get two hot melt adhesive sticks in the package. The Ingco Glue Gun GG301 is powered by a 220 volt; you just have to plug in the cord in the electrical outlet to make it work.

The Telebrands Glue Gun GG 301 usually takes 3-5 minutes to heat up. So, the machine will be able to melt the glue sticks in to adhesives after the mentioned time period. The overall weight of the machine is very light and size of the Ingco Glue Gun GG301 is quite small, so you can take this machine along with you without having any problem.

The Telebrands Ingco Glue Gun GG301 is a must have electrical gadget to keep at homes, offices and so on. You can easily purchase this versatile product just by calling to the number of Telebrands PAKISTAN 0333.4115583. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website of the company for the same purpose.

Additional Features of Telebrands Ingco Glue Gun GG301:

  1. Versatile electric glue gun
  2. Has a gluing capacity of 20-30 g/min
  3. Features glue stick of 11.2 mm diameter
  4. 3-5 minute pre-heating time
  5. 2 Glue Sticks contained in the package

Package Contains:

1 x Glue Gun

1 x 11.2 mm dia glue stick


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