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Aluminum Foldable Ladder

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Aluminum Foldable Ladder is another state of the art product offered by the original PAKISTAN franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. As the name suggests, the foldable ladder is a ladder that can be folded in four halves and it can be again unfolded if the requirement arises. The Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder has a total length of 12 ft; means you can easily reach to a roof measuring 10-11 ft in seconds.

The best thing about the Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder is that it can be folded in four layers, so it also saves the space for its storage. The Telebrands Folded Ladder is that can be unfolded to only 3 layers by leaving the four layers unfolded; means you do not have to unfold the ladder to its maximum height each time; instead you can fold it to the required length as per your convenience.

The Telebrands Folded Ladder is crafted from the highest aluminum alloy construction to ensure the ladder’s durability for the years to come. The same aluminum also protects the ladder corrosion over the passage of time. The Telebrands Folded Ladder features the multi-position hinges. These hinges prevent the ladder from accidently opened or closed during the use.

The Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder can be folded to 7+ different ways. The Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder would definitely serve the purpose it is designed. Now you do not need to purchase inferior quality ladders for your work; instead the same ladder will give you the best results at an affordable price. This versatile and useful ladder is presented to you by the official franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. If you want to purchase this useful ladder, then all you have to do is to call at this number 0333.4115583.

Additional Features of the Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder:

  1. Versatile 12 ft folding ladder
  2. Crafted from aluminum alloy for durability purposes
  3. Equipped with multi-position hinges
  4. Can be unfolded in to seven different ways
  5. Features rubberized bottom-pads

Technical Specs of the Telebrands Aluminum Foldable Ladder:

  1. Total Length: 12 Ft
  2. Total Foot Steps: 12 Steps
  3. Total Weight: 14 KG
  4. Dimensions: 10.75 x 14 x 39 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

Package Contains:

 1 x Aluminum Foldable Ladder


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