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Car Air Bed

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Do you often had to travel a lot due to several reasons and the main problem you faced on distant journeys is the lack of rest? No Problem, as the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has come up with a unique and versatile product that will definitely help all the customers to take proper rest and sleep during the journey. The name of this top quality product is Car Air Bed.

The Car Air Bed, as the name suggests, is a top of the line inflatable bed designed to use especially in cars. The Car Air Bed can easily be adjusted on the backseat of a car. All you have to do is to just inflate the Car Air Bed with the electric or manual air pump and after that; you can adjust the adjustable bed in the backseat of the car.

The Car Air Bed features the two separate air ports that help to fill the gaps you normally find in the leg placing area of cars. The Car Air Bed comes with the two dedicated pillows for extra comfort during the journey. The two pillows are also inflatable and they can easily be inflated with the help of same manual or an electric air pump.

Not only you can use the Car Air Bed in cars, but you can also use the Car Air Bed during a picnic or outside events. The Car Air Bed is crafted from the top quality material to ensure the reliability and durability of the product. Moreover, all the customers will get the Electric Air Pump free with the package, so you don’t have to spend thousands on buying the air pump from the market.

The Car Air Bed is an ideal car travel accessory designed for all those individuals who often had to travel in the car for several reasons. If you want to purchase the Car Air Bed, then all you have to do is to dial the number 0333.4115583 from your landline or mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Car Air Bed:

  1. Top quality Car Air Bed
  2. Made from top quality Material
  3. Designed to use in cars and outdoor events
  4. Comes with two dedicated air ports
  5. Features two separate pillows
  6. Help the user to take a good nap during the journey
  7. Portable
  8. Lightweight
  9. Product Dimensions: 135 x 85 x 40 cm

Package Contains:

1 x Car Air Bed

1 x Electric Air Pump

2 x Air Pillows


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