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Baby Carrying Bag

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Baby carrying bags or baby nappy bags are the bags specially designed to transport the babies safely and unharmed from one place to another. These types of bags have dominated the market for many years and they have grabbed the interests of the busy parents worldwide. These bags save the time of parents to manually hold the babies during office hours or walking in the market. One of such versatile product is presented to you by the Official PAKISTAN franchise of the Telebrands as the Baby Carrying Bag.

The Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag is a versatile and useful bag designed to take babies safe and sound from one place to another without the need to hold the babies manually in hands. The Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag is best suited for those busy parents who do not have separate time to hold their baby all day long because of their job responsibilities. The Bag allows the user to safely hang their kid with the help of the safety straps.

All the safety straps that hold the baby are quite strong and tough, so you do not need to care about anything at all. Additionally, the bag has also the adjustable shoulder carrying strap that the parents can adjust according to the height and requirement. One of the best features of the Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag is that not only you can mount it on your stomach, but you can also place it as a comfortable bag.

The Baby Carrying Bag features the multiple pockets that can be used to keep different items. Some of the pockets have zippers, while others have Velcro covering to ensure that all your things must intact and secured in one place. You can place several things that can be used by baby at times as the nappies, powder, creams, baby shampoo and so on.  

The Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag comes in different sizes, designs and appealing colors. You can select the one that best suits you and your baby. If you are going for a trip and don’t want to leave your baby behind in your home, then you can use the Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag to carry your baby along with your journey.

The Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag could prove to be the best option to use by busy mom and dad. The Telebrands Baby Carrying Bag is marketed by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. If you have made up your mind regarding placing orders of this belt, then you can do it with quite ease just by calling to a number 0333-4115583.

Additional Features of the Baby Carrying Bag:

  1. Versatile bag for carrying babies
  2. Comes with adjustable straps
  3. Can be used on both stomach and back as a backpack
  4. Comes in different colors and sizes
  5. Ideal to use by busy moms and dads

Package Contains:

1 x Baby Carrying Bag

Please Note: 200 Rupees delivery charges are applied on this product.


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